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What it Takes to Succeed in an Online Teaching Job

Online jobs abound on the internet today. There are hundreds or even thousands of them waiting to be filled out. They may be offered by companies that want to outsource specific tasks, by agencies that cater to various clients or by individuals working on major projects. Some are for full-time basis while there are also others that are part-time positions or per project basis only.

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One of the most in demand these days are online teachers specifically those with excellent English skills. Online English teachers are needed by companies offering tutorial services for Asian students. Young kids in Korea or Japan, for instance, often prefer to work with online tutors who can teach them right after school in their own homes via Skype.

How to Get Started

Getting a job as an online English teacher or tutor is possible without having an education or English degree. Depending on the requirements of a company, you may apply if you are proficient in the English language, a call center agent wanting to have a more relaxed work schedule, a stay-at-home parent or 18 years old and older.

Do keep in mind, though, that not all companies share the same rules. Some may strictly require an English, Education or Journalism degree while the others are fine with any degree as long as you're proficient in the language.

The very first thing you need to do is decide if you want to work at home and if you want to do full-time or only part-time teaching. For those who run a business or work in an office but would like to earn extra income, a part-time position is ideal. Those with a Master's degree may want to apply with community colleges, state or private colleges and universities that offer distance or online learning.

Once you've made a decision, make sure you have the proper equipment that meets the requirements of companies. A PC or laptop in good condition and a fast internet connection are most essential. They will ensure that your work or one-on-one tutorial will not be disrupted in the middle of your session and you're able to respond to your students promptly. It would also be a good idea to invest in a small generator to provide a backup for you in case of power outage in your area.

With your equipment in place, you can then start submitting applications to several companies you've chosen. Do your research first and get to know each of them in terms of wage rates, schedule of work, payment method and number of years in the business.

Finally, make sure that you love your job after you get hired. Online teaching jobs are flexible and very rewarding if you put your heart and mind into it.

About the guest author:

Mandy is an English teacher and blogger who has worked in several Asian countries. While in Thailand, she got interested to study Thai and enrolled in a Bangkok language school.