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Good at doing interviews? Write for BloggerTalks!

BloggerTalks is a blog about bloggers who matter, what they do and their experiences. We’re acting as the middle man here, talking to them and doing interviews, so that you – the dear reader – can learn. Twice a week. Our goal is to tell the stories of all the successful bloggers out there, and the companies and services that revolve around them. Not all of them make a lot of money, but sometimes you can get rich in other ways and we’re acknowledging that.

Bloggertalks, the original interview blog started way back in 2006, is currently looking for a blogger who loves doing interviews. He or she should know how to do research on the personality to be interviewed and list down relevant questions accordingly. Having the presence of mind to shoot follow-up questions and the ability to compile the results in a well-written manner is also a must for the job. Lastly, they need someone who knows enough about the blogging community to suggest bloggers to interview next.

You up for this gig? Email jayvee at splashpress dot com for inquiries.


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