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Freelance Writing and Blogging Jobs Available

Writing for the web continues to be a lucrative job. People with good writing skills can choose to find work on a freelance and part-time basis if they like.

Below are some writing jobs available today in various locations. is in need of guides/topic writers. This is a freelance position and available for those in the New York area. The site normally has various categories from which aspiring writers can choose according to their area of interest.

Passionate writers are needed by The Motley Fool. This is in the Alexandria, Virginia area and ideal for writers who want to improve on their skills and become business partners. The position is for four months and will start in September. Apply for the job here.

Catalysta Networks, Inc., an online start-up, is also seeking a part-time writer. The position will require writing an article on a specific topic every five weeks using your own byline. Applicants should have excellent writing, researching and interviewing skills and must be detail oriented. You can email

For those with experience in journalism, is requiring freelancers and staff reporters who can write on specific topics. Ideal candidates are those who have written for newspapers, magazines, B2B, trade publications and online news organizations. Work will be published on websites and also in print publications sponsored by advertisers and publishers. Visit here to apply is looking for freelance content writers as well. Applicants should have web analysis, good communication and computer skills. Writers will be required to write news reports including breaking news and information. Email your resume to