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Blogging Jobs, August 10, 2015

pool-690034_1280Good day!

Going to the spa is synonymous to relaxation and rejuvenation. While it is far from blogging, this post at Business 2 Community makes a fair comparison of both activities.

Planning your spa vacations in advance and choosing different packages for each may be just as therapeutic as creating a blog strategy months before release and selecting from the many types of content to publish (video, image, article, etc.).

This goes to show that blogging can have a rejuvenating effect to people. If you find blogging as a relaxing activity, then it is only logical for you to apply for writing and blogging jobs to keep you relaxed even more.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Blogger for Tyrant Themes (Freelance, $50USD per article)


  1. Editor for Bauer Xcel (Full-Time)
  2. Senior Editor for Clean Plates OmniMedia (Full-Time)
  3. Writer/Editor HV Brick Industry History for Tri-State Associated Services (Freelance, $0.07 each published word)
  4. Copywriter for KEO Marketing Inc. (Freelance)
  5. Editors for Harrisco (Part-Time/Remote)
  6. Technical Writer/Copywriter (Freelance)
  7. Precalculus Content Editor for Connections Education (Full-Time, Independent Contractor)
  8. Content Editor for Masterworks (Full-Time)
  9. Copy Editor/ Writer for Irving Company (Freelance, $27/hour)
  10. Editor, Language Solutions Development for Berlitz Language Services (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. Writer, Minneapolis for Thrillist Media Group (Freelance)
  2. Home Textile Writer for The Sweethome (Remote, $20-$35/hour, depending on experience)
  3. Travel Writer for DiaryTraveler (Freelance, $15/article)
  4. Writer/Curator for Daily Voice (Full-Time)
  5. DIY How-To Project Writer for (Remote)
  6. Writer/Reporter for Digital Conte (Part-Time, Freelance)
  7. Writer for All Day Media (Freelance)
  8. Writers at an LA Company (Freelance, $15-28/hour)
  9. CD, Writing for Apple (Full-Time)


  1. Editorial Intern for
  2. Edit Intern for


  1. Proposal Writer for Northern NJ client of The Creative Group (Freelance, $25.00 to $30.00 per hour)
  2. Tech Writer for Nickelodeon (Contract)
  3. Programmer/Technical Writer (Part-Time)
  4. Science Writer for American Association for Cancer Research (Full-Time)

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