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When Bloggers Go Offline

A person is said to work best when he or she likes what is being done and is comfortable with the working environment required by a job. Bloggers are people who literally breathe, talk, and live in the Internet. If a blogger claims that he or she is allergic to the Internet, this can be an impossible situation.


A short film funded through the Kickstarter platform entitled “Avery, Offline” by Rachel Whitaker seeks to explore this proposition. Being a comedy film, it is very easy to use ideas that may deviate from common sense. In this film, the main character is blogger  Avery Kirk who gets a marriage proposal from her boyfriend over g-chat. She diagnoses herself right there and then to having allergy to the Internet and decides to take time off and go offline.

Bloggers Online

Once a person accepts the job of being a blogger, he or she must be prepared to spend considerable time online. Much of a blogger’s task will require being online. Refusing to do so is the biggest reason for that person to find a different job.

Blogging can be very time-consuming, taxing, and tiring. The task of writing and publishing will require thinking and organizing, with some articles requiring more than the others. There will be deadlines and standards to meet. Mental and physical exhaustion can be relieved by doing something entertaining online like playing Kickstarter games while some instances will require bloggers to stop and go offline for a while.

Bloggers Offline

Bloggers will sometimes experience the so-called writers’ block where nothing seems to come to  mind and writing efforts remain unproductive. This is usually remedied by taking some time off from the Internet. Sometimes, it may require a change of environment, from being cooped up before a work desk to viewing the outside world for a change.

Like other professions, bloggers benefit from having breaks for certain periods of time. While it is true that many bloggers will experience being in a roll where ideas seem endless, there will be times that ideas will run dry. Also, bloggers need to have a life outside blogging to be more effective in it.

Do Bloggers Need to go the Way of Avery?

So do bloggers follow the way of Avery in the movie mentioned above? Not necessarily but bloggers need to tow the line somewhere. If decisions on personal relationships are being settled online instead of face-to-face, then it’s probably time to declare a short sabbatical from blogging. Trust me, bloggers write much better when exposed to the outside world and remain connected with people, the old fashioned way.