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7 Tactics to Become a Top Blog in Your Industry

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Blogs that are hugely popular become so for a reason. Bloggers have to take the time to research and understand what it takes to become a successful blog. If you want to turn your blog into a top resource in your industry, follow these seven tips.

1. Consider your audience

Nothing is more important for your blog than your audience. If you write a post that discusses retirement funds, it won't work for a blog directed at teens.

Writing about a niche means considering its audience and writing specifically to them. The language and graphics you use to speak to a woman in her 70s differ greatly from what you'd use for a teenage boy.

2. Make popular topics last

Again, the topic of conversation in your blog doesn't matter so much as how you phrase it. When you have a particularly hot topic to discuss, break it up into several different blog posts. This will whet the appetite of your readers, and encourage them to return and read more.

It also promotes sharing. If your readers are pleased by what you say, they're more likely to link your blog posts on their social media sites, send them to friends and family, and become your own personal marketing tool.

3. Ask for guest authors

With your family vacation to Italy fast approaching, you don't want to have to worry about posting while you're out of town. What do you do? You can't leave your blog dead for the weeks you're gone. Instead, ask a guest blogger to come in and take over for a while.

Your audience will enjoy hearing from someone else who knows a lot about your industry. It gives your readers something to look forward to, causes a bit of controversy and provides a different set of opinions. Your guest will probably bring some fans along, in the hopes of attracting some of your regulars to his or her usual spot online.

4. Socially share your work

You can't promote your blog if you don't encourage social promotion. Include links that allow your readers to share your post on Facebook and Twitter, pin their favorite posts on Pinterest, and send your links to friends on other social media platforms.

5. Utilize email

Most people will not return to your blog if they see it just once. They need a reminder that you have interesting things to say. So invite them to sign up for email newsletters and alerts. Each time you post something new, they'll be alerted via email and reminded to come back to read more.

6. Proofread and edit your work

Nothing says “unprofessional” as much as a blog filled with typos and misspelled words. You'll never become a leading blog in your industry if your grammar and proofreading skills leave something to be desired. Take the time to proofread; it's the simplest way to improve your content and boost your readership.

7. Become proficient in Microsoft

One of the most important things you can do to become a top blog in your industry is to become more adept with Microsoft. This software enables you to make your blog more interesting.

By studying all that Microsoft has to offer and learning as much as you can, you'll improve your blog.

It takes more than just an idea and a couple of online commentaries to become a top blog in your niche. It takes dedication, hard work, and constant education. The competition is fierce, and knowing how to make your blog stand out is what will take yours from unknown to superstar.