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Degrees That Won’t Get You Hired

These days, college students really need to think long and hard about the right degree to pursue. Many often choose degrees that will allow them to earn a huge income in an industry which can provide them with a steady job.

You may have been advised by friends and your parents to major in a degree program based on what you’re skilled at. However, during these times when numerous graduates are facing unemployment, one has to be practical and stay away from degrees that are no longer in demand.

Here then are the 10 college majors not in the list of recruitment managers. You can check out the infographic of Best Degree Programs to find out the unemployment rates for various degrees.

Architecture – Did you know that graduates of this degree are facing the highest unemployment rate of 13.9 percent?

Latin – The use of this language is not so in demand today so best to avoid it.

Music Therapy – Although beneficial to improving health, it’s not a good choice.

Theology – Only pursue this is if you want to become priest, pastor or a college teacher.

English Literature – This is considered not a very useful degree today.

Social Sciences – Those with a degree in sociology, political science and economics are finding it hard to get a job these days.

American Studies – This degree won’t attract human resource managers looking for potential employees who can work with people of different backgrounds.

Puppetry – This won’t earn you much or worse, won’t land you a job.

Poetry – Only greeting card companies are in need of this graduate.

Art History – This degree limits you to only one job as a museum curator.

Bad Majors
Source: Best Degree Programs