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LimeLife Inc., is looking for bloggers who are willing to write about relationships, love and dating who can produce articles with a friendly, smart, engaging and sharp voice. Target audience are women aged between 18 to 34 and will be entasked to provide several weekly stories. Experience with blogging and the many nuances of the media is a must and professionalism is of utmost importance, the company being one of the largest combined digital women's media companies online insists on quality and performance. The company also produces content for a ever widening mobile audience so experience in the same area is also good. Image editing is also needed so overall, expertise in new media is a very important requirement and articles will span the whole woman experience, from shopping, lifestyle, entertainment, beauty and everything in between offering the whole experience. Applicants can send in their resume along with 2 sample blog posts to

From the Splashpress Network Job Boards, a need for bloggers who can write engaging articles on tech, about the iPhone, internet and programming (specifically coding in the many languages) on As always, proper formats and editing should be observed for your sake for you will be editing thus doing more work. Your ability to write on many more topics would be a plus and would mean more pay which is based on your abilities and overall work quality. Interested parties can send in their application, questions and any other concerns to for more details.



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