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  1. How I made it to Harvard

    By E.D. Easley

    I’ve adjusted to the fact I may never be famous.
    I’ve been writing and editing for 35 years, and after a while you come to accept the fact that even if you’re great at what you do The Writing Fairy may not find you until you’re long dead.
    But now I’ve been to Stanford and Harvard.
    Publishing Heaven.
    I Googled myself lately to see what was happening with my books. I do it about once a week. All writers should.
    I’m not the sharpest stick in the pile. Heck, I’m barely qualified to toast bread unsupervised by an adult.
    That’s a big deal, by the way, at least to me. Shelf space anywhere is tight in ANY bookstore, let alone space in a decent college’s.
    I don’t know how they got there. My publisher stopped answering my calls two months ago. My contract runs out in about a year, and he’s counting the days.
    But imagine America’s future President reading my stuff. Just pray to whatever God you worship it never happens. I hope I don’t live that long… .
    Then, as hard, cold reality set in, and I realized it was just a matter of time before my masterpieces would wind up in that big ugly bin where all the nonreturnable books go. The ones going for a buck or less. Mostly cheap romance novels.*
    That’s our business.
    And how I’ll make it to Publishing Hell.
    *A note: My books are not carried at my alma mater, Central Washington University. I called and asked why. After the manager stopped laughing, she asked, “You’re really from Spokane?” and hung up on me.

  2. I write a progressive satire blog:
    To Iniquity, and Beyond: News from a lunatic-infested dirt clod.
    My articles have been picked up by Buzzflash, The Progressive Daily Beacon, The Daily Scare and many others.
    I would like to write for other liberal blogs and have the time to do a regular column. My site is very edgy so I would like to add that I’m able to work within parameters.
    I strive for high brow humor; writing that is comedic, tightly erudite and sassy.

  3. I do not know where I would be without a blog. It is my passion and joy to write a film review blog for The Argus ( newspaper. This is a professional appointment with a responsibility to write a review at least once a week. I have also been writing my own blog on my experiences of learning to drive at

    As a journalist I have written: celebrity and character interviews for a local paper,stories on events and even a restaurant review so I am very versatile and flexible with my tone and styles of writing.

  4. I have a general love of life and am optimistic. I love cooking, reading and writing. Although I write in somewhat of a simplistic way, I prefer it that way. Not everybody is a walking dictionary or thesaurus so I keep it simple and yet unique in my own way of wording things. I like to write about life and living, about my life, about foods I have cooked, books I have read, and struggles I have lived out. I am by no means a down to earth person all the time, but when the mood strikes me, I do write in that manner.
    My passion in life is to be a writer of fiction, but that too is influenced by truth and by life.
    I am looking for a paid position for me to write or blog. I am good at researching online if I need to. I am a clean writer. No cursing, no porn.

  5. Hi, my name is Dani and I’m a blogger (sounds like an AA meeting). Anyway, I’m a mom of 6 kids, a wife of a cop, and a professional nurse by nights (I work 11-7). Oh, wait a minute, I sound like super man here..My website reflects all of the above.
    I love to write, actually I have always wanted to be a writer, as a child, but went the nursing route instead.
    I believe I have a lot to offer ( like a crazy personality ), and am a very motivated individual..
    Thanks so much !!!

  6. I write a blog for military spouses who are work-at-home writers and moms of small children. The military spouse community is a unique culture and the military spouse needs ot have a voice. From how to keep up your career while following your spouse around the world to how to get help within the system, I try to be that voice for milspouses. I do my best to shed light on issues unique to our culture and to the culture of freelance writers as well, many of whom are milspouses.

    Military or civilian, writer or parent, I hope to see your comments!
    Writing Military Mom

  7. I am currently writing a 15 chapter autobiography about my recovery from anorexia and bulimia. In saying this I have a passion for writing and have always wanted to write for online blogs to help inspire people with my raw and hopeful message about eating disorders. However I am not inclined to just write about this subject. I have many areas of interest such as; pets, cooking, fitness, psychology, traveling, and marriage/relationships.

  8. I’m 22 and blogging about my life in La Ceiba, Honduras. After graduating from college with a degree in jounalism, I decided to leave everything behind and move to Central America.

    I’ve been here three months already and still don’t speak the language well, still don’t have a ton of friends, but I have lists and lists of interesting, funny, and sad stories about my adventures thus far.

    To pay the bills I’m teaching bratty high school kids, but in my free time I explore the land, TRY to make new friends, and try not to get killed.

    Read more stories at!

  9. Hello,

    I am a freelance writer, my forte being articles about career, health, and lifestyle. My work has been featured in several print and online publications that include Long Island Woman, Progressive Health, Employment Times, Dollar, Business Woman, Big Apple Parent, Myria, and Simpler Living among others. I was a frequent contributor at, where I wrote for the health channel. Also, as an Editor with I wrote a monthly column on trends and opportunities in various career tracks.

    I am looking for freelance writing and blogging opportunities. I can provide writing samples upon request. You can also read my blog at

  10. Professionally, I specialize in technical writing, such as white papers, training manuals, and formal presentations; however, my passion is casual writing about life, business, health — anything! If you’re seeking a seasoned writer/editor, please contact me.

  11. I took to blogging after a horrendous event 4 years ago. I was caught up in a terror attack and embroiled in its sinister aftermath. I wrote a highly succesful blog that ran for 2 years and spawned a book deal.
    The book took 12 months to complete. But nowadays I’m back with doing what is my passion, that is writing about technological, sociological phenomena and other things the university of life and a Masters Degree In Media Interaction give me a particular insight into.

    Checkout the blog/site first – then consider it for a while.
    Then, maybe – contact me

  12. Hello I would like to help provided you with new and daily celebrity gossip content. I can start ASAP.

    I personal monitor celebrity gossip from all around the world I can update your celeb gossip site with new fresh pictures and story’s well before they spread to other sites such as I can make your celeb gossip site a must have bookmark and I can do all this before the end of this month.

    My blogger name is Nathiest (yes the and only Nathiest)

    Real name Nathan B.
    I live in Dallas Texas.

    I’ll work for free for the first 7 days.

    If you decide to keep me then we can talk payment.

    I would like a contract for X amount of dollars paid per week.
    And I can accept payments for my work via or check by mail or whatever.


  13. I am a new mom that would love to blog about the challenges and internal struggles moms face about whether or not to return to work. It is a minute by minute internal battle…financial security and career independence vs. being there for those once in a lifetime moments such as your baby’s first step, first word, etc. Its a never-ending fight with yourself that I do not believe people talk about enough. As I am going through it now, I feel completely alone. With no one to talk to that would understand, including my husband, it will continue to a fight that I will fight on my own until hopefully an answer will drop into my lap one day.

  14. hi…………….i am zafor hossain from bangladesh. now i am student
    networking engineer but before 10 years ago i working in malaysia & saudi arabia store keeper & shipping incharge.

  15. Angie L. Culver

    Highly motivated and seeking a challenging, entry level multimedia/DEGD position with opportunity to utilize graphics, modeling and designing skills. To obtain a creative-oriented position within a creative thinking company in which hard work and advancement are highly valued.

    ITT Technical Institute – Green Bay, WI (2006)
    Associated Degree of Information Technology – Multimedia
    GPA 3.23

    Fox Valley Technical College – Appleton, WI (2008)
    Computer Rendering & Animation Certificate
    GPA 3.33

    3Ds Max Sound Forge Flash
    Photoshop After Effects Premier
    Illustrator Dreamweaver Viz
    Microsoft Office Suite Computer Hardware AutoCAD

    Listener Self Motivator Detail Oriented
    Problem Solver Exceptional Leader Dependable
    Experienced Trainer Hard Worker Dedicated

    UPS Freight – Kaukauna, WI – Dockworker 8/2006-Present
    Forklift Certified
    Loading/Unloading semi trailers

    Gannett – Appleton, WI – Material Handler 4/2004 -8/2006
    Increasing productivity, along with helping in reduction of down time by jogging and stacking down press-runs, and pre-runs.
    Assist in setting up machines with product for operation.

    Lapham Hickey Steel – Oshkosh, WI – Grinder/General Laborer 10/2001 – 3/2003
    Responsible for my bay area, meeting customer’s requirements and meeting them on time by using precision measuring tools and grind/de-slag metal pieces by following blue prints provided.
    Minimized down time by being certified forklift/overhead crane operator.

    ** I am looking for some extra work to make some money for holidays. I would really like to get into blogging can you or anyone help?

  16. Terra L. Fletcher is an experienced published copywriter. She specializes in blogs/website content and direct response marketing. Terra also writes newsletters, press releases, and business letters. Visit for samples of her work. If you’re looking for someone that will move your audience to action call or email Terra today. Terra can be reached at or 715.584.6773. Consultations are always no charge.

  17. I love blogging I love writting and I love most any subject I can wirte about so throw me something to blog about and lets make a connection..

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