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Magazine Internship Job

Always wanted to work in a magazine but never got the chance? If so, check out this job posting from an online magazine called Urbane Perspective. It’s about lifestyle, fashion, beauty and entertainment. They’re looking for interns who are in New York since they need people who can meet them once or twice a week in person.

The position is not paid, unfortunately, but I think that this is an interesting opportunity for college students who want to break in the magazine biz. Check out their full email after the cut! is looking for viral marketers is looking to expand their social network of bloggers and social media users. They need writers who can contribute to discussions about about workplace efficiency, the viability of electric cars in America, the future implications of new communication technologies and other such conversations. In order words, they need viral marketers to promote their website.

You will need to post on your blog and your social networking sites to do this. You’ll be compensated of course, so if you’re interested, you can email for inquiries.

Their full job posting after the jump!

Tech Blogger Opening

Here’s an interesting and promising posting for tech bloggers. The rate is pretty decent too. Check it out!

Digitalix Interactive Media is building a team of editors for its first publication. The new site will cover Mobile phones, Gadgets, Hardware and Software product releases, reviews, developments, and industry buzz.

It is not necessary to be a “Pro” in all areas. However, having knowledge and some experience with these technologies in order to write with credibility is ESSENTIAL.

Bloggers must be able to:
* Write in a professional and friendly manner
* Post a minimum of 15 blog entries (200 – 350 words) per month
* Follow editorial guidelines
* Use an image editor to crop and optimize images for the web
* Communicate well and be reliable