When Bloggers Go Offline

A person is said to work best when he or she likes what is being done and is comfortable with the working environment required by a job. Bloggers are people who literally breathe, talk, and live in the Internet. If a blogger claims that he or she is allergic to the Internet, this can be an impossible situation.


A short film funded through the Kickstarter platform entitled “Avery, Offline” by Rachel Whitaker seeks to explore this proposition. Being a comedy film, it is very easy to use ideas that may deviate from common sense. In this film, the main character is blogger  Avery Kirk who gets a marriage proposal from her boyfriend over g-chat. She diagnoses herself right there and then to having allergy to the Internet and decides to take time off and go offline.

Bloggers Online

Once a person accepts the job of being a blogger, he or she must be prepared to spend considerable time online. Much of a blogger’s task will require being online. Refusing to do so is the biggest reason for that person to find a different job.

Blogging can be very time-consuming, taxing, and tiring. The task of writing and publishing will require thinking and organizing, with some articles requiring more than the others. There will be deadlines and standards to meet. Mental and physical exhaustion can be relieved by doing something entertaining online like playing Kickstarter games while some instances will require bloggers to stop and go offline for a while.

Bloggers Offline

Bloggers will sometimes experience the so-called writers’ block where nothing seems to come to  mind and writing efforts remain unproductive. This is usually remedied by taking some time off from the Internet. Sometimes, it may require a change of environment, from being cooped up before a work desk to viewing the outside world for a change.

Like other professions, bloggers benefit from having breaks for certain periods of time. While it is true that many bloggers will experience being in a roll where ideas seem endless, there will be times that ideas will run dry. Also, bloggers need to have a life outside blogging to be more effective in it.

Do Bloggers Need to go the Way of Avery?

So do bloggers follow the way of Avery in the movie mentioned above? Not necessarily but bloggers need to tow the line somewhere. If decisions on personal relationships are being settled online instead of face-to-face, then it’s probably time to declare a short sabbatical from blogging. Trust me, bloggers write much better when exposed to the outside world and remain connected with people, the old fashioned way.

7 Tactics to Become a Top Blog in Your Industry

top blogs

Blogs that are hugely popular become so for a reason. Bloggers have to take the time to research and understand what it takes to become a successful blog. If you want to turn your blog into a top resource in your industry, follow these seven tips.

1. Consider your audience

Nothing is more important for your blog than your audience. If you write a post that discusses retirement funds, it won't work for a blog directed at teens.

Writing about a niche means considering its audience and writing specifically to them. The language and graphics you use to speak to a woman in her 70s differ greatly from what you'd use for a teenage boy.

2. Make popular topics last

Again, the topic of conversation in your blog doesn't matter so much as how you phrase it. When you have a particularly hot topic to discuss, break it up into several different blog posts. This will whet the appetite of your readers, and encourage them to return and read more.

It also promotes sharing. If your readers are pleased by what you say, they're more likely to link your blog posts on their social media sites, send them to friends and family, and become your own personal marketing tool. More

A Blogger's Essential Skill: Understanding Hosting Options


Arianna Huffington, Pete Cashmore of Mashable, and Perez Hilton are but a few writers who have found fame and fortune in the world of blogging. That said, a July 2013 article in U.S. News & World Report takes a more sobering look at the picture: while the potential for big bucks is there, most bloggers aren't going to make a living writing for the Web. But whether a blogger wants to reach an audience of millions or just a specialized group, the skills needed are much the same. One of the most important skills? Understanding the many hosting options out there, what they mean, and which ones are right for the job. More

5 Ways To Earn A Legitimate Income Online

Even though many experts are suggesting that our economy may slowly be rebounding, many people are still finding it difficult to find a job that not only puts food on the table, but also gives them a chance to develop in the future. The truth is that today, in the age of the Internet entrepreneur, there is no longer a need to wait for the job opportunities to come to you – you can create your own job online.

Anyone who knows their way around Internet technology can find work. However, you may be wondering what exactly is available on the web, what are some exciting opportunities that you could pursue? The truth is that what works for one person may not necessarily work for the next. That is why we included five different examples of very different jobs that you could get started on by using the internet. More

Need a Break From Blogging? Cook With Recipe Finder!

Recipe Finder Home Page

Recipe Finder Home Page

What’s the best thing to do when you are stressed and you are at the end of your rope? The answer would depend on your personal preferences, of course, but it has been proven time and again that cooking can have therapeutic effects. Of course, there is also the added bonus of enjoying your creations in the kitchen!

Everyone gets tired of working at some point. Even if you have your dream job, you still need a break every now and then. Of course, a break means exactly just that – a break and not a totally time consuming activity.

In order to make the best of your time, it is a good idea to have a steady source of ideas for what to make in the kitchen. Whether you are cooking because it is a hobby or it is a necessary thing, the fact remains that having inspiration can make things so much better. More

2 Blog Jobs

Seems the recession is hitting hard and more and more people are turning to the internet for their primary source of income. Though not many people are spending cash, they seem to have not lost their appetite for the internet where everything, anywhere is available. One opening is in need of bloggers for several categories spread over 7 sites in a long-term partnership. Expertise is not warranted and topics can range from ; health, fitness and medical; Gaming on all platforms; autos and anything motorized; celebrity news and gossip and many more.

The next opening is for bloggers/article writers contributors is for Running in Heels, is a Pan-European magazine than encompasses fashion, politics, social issues, arts and of course shoes. The job is for now out for writers or contributors and promises good pay as the site progresses.
Seems everybody is strapped for cash but we'll give some more of the good stuff next time round, keep bloggin' and lookin'. See Ya!


Of Greetings and Eco-Stuff

Bloggers and Writers are needed for two interesting sites that are out of the normal requirements. Greeting card writers for Blue Mountain Arts and Eco-friendly Solutions at EcoFuss. Greeting cards may sound simple yet are quite hard to write for due to the apparent over use of some of the phrases we see everyday. Creativity at it's best and a love for words would be necessary for today's greeting cards being such a thing of the past, they are still the best solution for a forgotten event in our daily lives.
May there be a recession or not, nothing beats the simple yet warming feeling of getting a card from someone special you may not even know. For missed dates to say that heartfelt “sorry”, to the “congratulations” on that special promotion or graduation, word play is needed for them to be really special.

Talking about that warming thingy, writers for blogging about the environment and ways we can do to help it are needed at EcoFuss where products are offered that make use of less earth impacting solutions. Pay may be modest yet can you put a price on our future. We have damaged and influenced the earth for so long it is about time we took some responsibility for its care. Want your kids to have a wonderful place to live in, act now and express your love for the planet as you blog along to help ol' Mother Earth. The planet you may save is the only one we have so take up the cause and even earn a buck in the process.


Oldies but Goodies: Blogging Jobs Special Articles

Distinguished blogger and The Blog Herald columnist Lorelle VanFossen has a very helpful series of articles that will help both the rookie and veteran problogger alike.

In the first piece, Lorelle presents a checklist of what blog owners are looking for in bloggers. A sample:

# Quality Writing Abilities: Without a doubt, the ability to write and communicate through the written word is critical. Punctuation, spelling, grammar, creative writing ability, language comprehension, proofing, editing – bloggers must be fluent in their language skills as well as their specialization.
# Productive Production Line: Three to five posts a week is the normal blog post production requested. Typically, blog posts are 200-500 words each, though some request more indepth coverage. The average posts per month is 20, generating approximately 10,000 words per month of content.
#WordPress Experience: As more and more companies are using WordPress for their CMS and blogging program, the demand for those familiar with how WordPress works, including some WordPress Theme design and coding experience, is very high.

In the second article, she delves into the worth of blogging, bloggers’ usual job tasks, and types of blogging jobs:

In addition to the professional writing, marking, and public relations skills, along with the background expertise, a blogger rarely qualifies for benefits, insurance, revenue sharing programs, or other employee benefits. They are freelancers, thus must pay for all of these themselves. Do you add the costs of these benefits and necessary expenses into your blogging fees?

Last but not the least, Lorelle rounds out with an excellent research as to how much bloggers are paid:

At $25 a post, you’d need to write 2,400 blog posts to earn $60,000 a year. How long would that take you? Do you have 2,400 original blog posts within you?

What’s Your Ideal Blog Job?

Lorelle VanFosen has an interesting post over at our sister site, The Blog Herald. In it she lists some of the myriad blog job titles she stumbled upon recently, and she goes on to say:

Looking at this list, I thought about what my dream blog job would be, if I weren’t already blogging it. What would yours be?

For the most part, most of these jobs are dream jobs as they allow you to work from home in your pajamas. You don’t have to go to the office. You don’t have to wear a suit. You control your own schedule, as long as you can meet deadlines. And you get paid, not much, but something. Doesn’t get much better than that, right?

We wholeheartedly agree. Blogging doesn’t pay that much (well, especially if you’re not Darren Rowse and some other big-time blogger), but it does have its benefits as well. Read Lorelle’s article here.

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