About Online Plagiarism Checkers: Outlining the Basics


When it comes to web and SEO content, site owners run from pillars to posts looking for a proficient writer who can be entrusted to develop high-standard articles. Once a bankable provider is found, they cut some slack and go on attending merrily to other important business areas. Little do entrepreneurs realize what foul play goes underneath. Content developers who are burdened with the job of supplying rank-improving content often end up trying things that are actually detrimental to the ranking of you site, though initial results might prove to be otherwise. One of the chief practices is supplying plagiarized content from widely visited sites, a technique referred to as “link juice” by optimizers. More

Blogging and Income Tax

The great thing about the Internet is that it eliminates the problems that geographical boundaries pose, making it possible for a writer to land professional blogging jobs for online publications and all kinds of clients anywhere in the world. But just like any job, professional blogging comes with its own set of challenges, and for those who are not financially savvy that includes figuring out what to do come tax declaration time.

Income tax monopoly

If you earn money through blogging, whether that be compensation income for professional blogging services or income generated by your own blog, you need to declare that income and pay corresponding taxes.

How much you need to pay, whether you can file for tax relief, and where you need to pay can get confusing though, especially if you are working for businesses and private individuals located in another country. With each country having its own set of tax laws, which law do you follow? You have to figure out which one applies in your particular circumstance.


Content Writers and Bloggers Needed

LifePile needs writers for its entertainment and lifestyle website. Those with experience and passionate about writing are most qualified. The work will require writing fun, well-researched and engaging articles with no grammatical errors. Topics to be covered include food, movies, television, finance, internet culture, life hacks and technology among others. Articles must be from 900 to 1,500 words and payment will be made via PayPal. Send an email to lifepilecontact@gmail.com and include links to past writeups.

KPI Business Services Ltd needs guest bloggers who can find quality relevant blogs, arrange a guest post, write the post and have it published on the sites. This UK search agency will assign target pages for the guest posts to link to. Bloggers must be native English speakers and must ensure that his pots are relevant not only to the client’s website but to the blog where his post is published as well. If interested, please email info@kpib.co.uk, state your rates and include samples of your guest posts.

MM 101 Inc requires expert review writers to write content for Top5Best4You.com. Those who are available only for ongoing projects and can follow the strict application process should apply. For those interested in the position, please visit www.top5best4you.com/write-reviews/ and complete the application on the site.

Blogger Extraordinaire

Pikimal, a local start-up company with a lot of heart (and even more talent!), is in need of super Internet-savvy bloggers/community developers. This is a 45 hour/week job, and you will be compensated accordingly. This is a pretty long job posting, but please read it all the way through before applying. This will all be on the final exam (or the in-person interview), so pay attention!

Your duties will include:

  • Coming up with content (blog) ideas
  • Writing high quality, intelligent blogs that readers actually get value from – we don’t do throwaway posts at Pikimal More

Head Content Angler (Suit Editor, Sub-Editor)

McCann is one of the oldest and biggest advertising businesses in the world. In Sydney, we’ve been furtively re-shaping. We have a whole lot of work coming out in the second half of 2010 that people simply would not expect from us. We’re evolving our approach, processes and culture to create something very different and meaningful.

We’ve kept our heads down this year, focusing on action – not words. And off the back of this focus, we now need to find some likeminded vagabonds to help us on our new trajectory. More

Hiring Virtual Assistants, Researchers and Bloggers

If you're looking for a virtual assistant or blogging job, WorkSmartr sounds like a good place to start. It's a company offering various virtual-assistance services, including research, resume writing, article writing, scheduling assistance, and the like.


Email info (at) worksmartr (dot) com for more details and pay rate.

Good hunting!


Be A Suite101 Writer

Suite101 is looking for talented writers who can write 400-600 word non-fiction articles on (almost) any subject(s) they want. As a Suite101 writer you can enjoy the freedom to write what you want, when you want and earn a competitive income off your articles over the lifetime of your career – even if you decide to stop writing for them.

Apparently accepted applicants will be assigned a professional editor who is dedicated to helping you maximize your web writing skills and garner the most exposure for your articles. With over 24 million monthly readers, Suite101 writers enjoy a huge – and growing – audience.

Writing for Suite101 provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Put your work in front of millions of monthly readers
  • Build your writing portfolio and enhance your profile & reputation online
  • Receive feedback and guidance from an established network of professional editors and writers
  • Earn competitive income plus productivity bonuses

To learn more or APPLY NOW, please visit their website at: http://www.suite101.com


Gadzooki.com Needs A Tech Blogger!

Gadzooki.com, a tech community blog, needs a passionate, opinionated blogger to write reviews or put forward opinions on all things gadget/ tech-related. They don't want someone whose idea of tech blogging is just jotting down product specs and posting product pictures – they need someone with personality and is not afraid to show it in blogging for Gadzooki.

If you know how to do lists, great!

If you have access to the latest gadgets (say you already have a tech blog that receives review products once in a while or if you're just plain dirty rich), then awesome!

Instant plus if you're very keen on the tech scene in China or Japan. So, if you think you're perfect for this job, apply at jayvee at splashpress dot com with some of your sample articles. Good hunting!


Performancing needs more bloggers

Performancing is a blog dedicated to helping bloggers “perfect the art of making a living from weblogging”. It offers insightful and relevant advice on how to make money from blogs, improve your site's content, and deal with other blogging-related issues. It also provides useful tools designed to maximize your blog's traffic, ad space, design, plugins, and community. The site also offers legal counsel.

If you want to be part of Performancing's writing team, shoot an email containing samples of your work to jayvee at splashpress dot com.


Blogging Jobs from the Networks

Lighting by Lux is looking for a writer who is interested in providing content about the various lighting products they design and make especially with those that are for home lighting products. The job entails 300 to 400 word articles along with 50 words or so for their specific products for their use. The requirements are quite strict and the company reserves the right to refuse any non-compliance work. Pay is equal to most writing jobs and writers should be able to meet deadlines and organized with regarding to their work. More

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