How to Run a Home and Business Together


According to the Lila Delman website, gorgeous and huge homes are waiting to be purchased in almost any desirable neighborhood. Many buyers assume a large home is going to be too much work or incredibly expensive, however.

One way to finance a large home and still have funds left over is by freelancing or self-employment. There are several ways that freelance jobs can make homeownership easier for you, as well as reduce expenses over time. More

How Freelancing Can Make Homeownership a Snap


The culture of work in the U.S. is changing rapidly as growing numbers of professionals become mobile and autonomous. These days, freelancers are becoming closer to the rule than the tiny exception.

Without a doubt, freelancing boasts a number of advantages, such as potentially higher pay as well as those flexible hours. What few realize is that freelancing can also have benefits in the real estate realm.

In some ways, home ownership can be easier to attain for a freelancer. More

How Freelancing & Blogging Can Lead to Home Ownership


In a challenging job market, freelancers who file their income on 1099s are finding they can get a leg up on the competition when it comes to home-ownership. While attaining a home mortgage proved to be a significant challenge to many freelancers during the credit crunch, in more recent months the uptick in unions for freelancers has legitimized freelance work and made loans and mortgages more accessible for these kinds of workers. More

Can a Freelance Career Support Home Ownership?


Before a bank will loan out money, it wants proof that the applicant has a steady flow of income in the form of a good job. In some cases, a trust fund is accepted as income, but that’s rare.

While it’s possible for someone pursuing a freelance career to obtain a mortgage, the process will involve solid proof that your unconventional income stream is sufficient to make the monthly loan payment. Here’s how to do it. More

Types of Blogging Jobs Available

Blogging is a fun and enriching job particularly if you’re passionate about writing and sharing your views and opinions. But there’s a lot to know about the world of blogging and if you’re just starting out, it would be best to find out first the types of online writing jobs available. This way, you know what you’re getting into and how you can earn an income for the long term. It will also help you choose the path where your skills fit best.

blogging job

Paid Guest Writer

A guest writer is normally one hired by the blog owner to write posts and articles for their blog. You may be given an opportunity to include a bi-line or resource box in addition to your name on every post you contribute to the site. With an author bi-line, you can then include a link to your own site or blog thereby giving you exposure on what you do as well as your skills.

A background in using WordPress would be an advantage here as you may be tasked to post your article on the site and find a related image to go along with your post. More

Invoicing your Blogging Clients

Freelance workers today face challenging situations. They can have their hands full managing several projects at the same time and meeting tight deadlines.

In addition to their work, they also need to do some invoicing tasks on their own at least before or at the end of the month. This is to ensure prompt payment of their services.

Bloggers are some of the freelance workers facing this work setting. While some, particularly the newbies, may still be struggling in the area of invoicing, the others have found the right tools to make their work faster and easier.

Some employers may provide their remote or freelance staff a standard document to use. The others may require their workers to download a specific invoicing software to use. More

Should Online Jobs be Regulated by a Country's Law?

The internet technology has provided people in need of work with so much convenience for years now. Job hunting and getting employed have been made easier as people can apply for jobs online or even work online in the comforts of their home.

Various government agencies and private organizations have developed job search and job matching portals to assist the public looking for a source of livelihood. These sites have been most helpful as they provided an option from the traditional job hunting process.

internet security

Availability of Online Jobs

Today, numerous online jobs are widely available in various sectors. They cover information technology, administrative, finance, journalism, healthcare, marketing and advertising. Some jobs are offered on a full time basis while the others are part-time and on a freelance basis. There are also companies that allow telecommuting to employees which means they can work at home on certain agreed terms.

Some of these online work-at-home professions actually pay well. These high-paying professions include that of software engineers, computer programmers, medical transcriptionists, systems administrators, graphic designers, writers, authors and public relations specialists. More

Copywriting and Blogging Jobs Available


Two trucking/warehousing companies are in need of a part-time copywriter. The job entails writing content for their websites and brochures for digital advertisement to be used on these sites – and and social media networks. You may visit the websites first to get an idea of the services provided by the companies. If interested, email and make sure to state your rates for the job required.

A UK-based business, Darren Atkinson, seeks content writers/bloggers with an interest in UK wedding and party topics. The candidates should be able to write high quality content for the website and blog. Social media experience is an advantage. Other skills required are researching, sourcing relevant images, identifying blogs, websites and WordPress experience. To apply, email and include a brief bio specifying your location and two to three samples of previous work.

Ecumenical News Inc. is looking for freelance religion reporters/writers for its online news website. The position requires writing top quality articles, meeting deadlines and working remotely. Areas to be covered are the U.S., world, church, belief, humanitarian, tech and lifestyle. Candidates must have at least a bachelor's degree in journalism, SEO skills and familiar with online audiences. To apply, email and include a cover letter, your resume, links to published articles and availability. More

The Pros of Work from Home Blogging Jobs

Have you ever wanted to stay at home and earn a living at the same time? This is now very possible what with the growing number of jobs that can be done in the comfort of one’s home.

Blogging jobs, for instance, are in great supply right now and they can be done practically anywhere as long as one has a laptop or even a tablet with an internet connection. Those working for employers can also easily communicate using the advanced and free tools available online.


Surveys have found that more people are opting to work from home these days. A 2012 study commissioned by Wrike, as an example, showed that 83 percent of the more than 1,000 respondents claimed to have worked from home for at least part of their workday. Additionally, 66 percent of them said they foresee their office becoming virtual in the next five years.

Freelance Writers and Bloggers Wanted

A freelance copywriter is needed to work closely with an art director. The position requires creating copy, developing concepst and implementing projects. Qualified are those with a bachelor's degree in English/Literature, with at least three years experience in marketing and advertising, superior oral and written communication skills and proficient in MS Office. Background in writing for multiple mediums is also preferred. To apply, please visit here.


DoctorsSpouses needs a lifestyle blogger to write on a variety of topics targeted at the 20-40 year old female audience. Topics will cover food, health, travel, style, DIY, home decorating and shopping. The job entails writing 2-3 articles each week. To apply, please send links to sample writing work and your rate per article to

Gone Typing is seeking a copywriter to write on various topics. Those who are experts in their specific industry can also apply. You may visit to check the topics covered and to submit an application.

Digital Trends, an online tech and lifestyle magazine, needs a freelance web/social media writer. The writer will be tasked to focus on electronics-related topics including Apple iPad and hybrid-electric vehicles as well as social media technology. The articles will be published on major online news outlet. If you have strong writing skills, understand technology and the internet, can write in an engaging manner, you may apply. Send a cover letter together with your resume and three published clips covering the web and social media. More details here.

Transgility is looking for a blogger who can write articles on small to medium size businesses. Focus will be on social media monitoring for SMBs. Topics to be covered include smartphone adoption, platform trends, location based social monitoring and consumer/social media trends. The writer will also be required to post a photo for each article. Send samples of your previous work, your rate per blog post and include two of your favorite posts in the last four months to

DG Air Freight seeks freelance bloggers to write quality articles on dangerous goods in Australia and the rest of the world. Candidates must have a background in SEO and should be able to write engaging posts to educate the audience and promote discussion. Articles must have an image and the writer must work closely with the marketing team. Email stating your personal profile and include 3 samples of your work and your rate per article.


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