Types of Blogging Jobs Available

Blogging is a fun and enriching job particularly if you’re passionate about writing and sharing your views and opinions. But there’s a lot to know about the world of blogging and if you’re just starting out, it would be best to find out first the types of online writing jobs available. This way, you know what you’re getting into and how you can earn an income for the long term. It will also help you choose the path where your skills fit best.

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Paid Guest Writer

A guest writer is normally one hired by the blog owner to write posts and articles for their blog. You may be given an opportunity to include a bi-line or resource box in addition to your name on every post you contribute to the site. With an author bi-line, you can then include a link to your own site or blog thereby giving you exposure on what you do as well as your skills.

A background in using WordPress would be an advantage here as you may be tasked to post your article on the site and find a related image to go along with your post. More

Turn Your Sales Background into Blogging Success


One of the most helpful backgrounds any person can have is sales. It’s customer relations on speed, and the things you learn in sales can be helpful in a number of other fields from medicine to entrepreneurship. However, if you’ve set your sights on blogging, whether it’s as a paid blogger for a company or you’re gearing up to start your own, you’re in luck. Sales and blogging have a lot more in common than you think. More

What Exactly is the Job of a Blogger?

What exactly is the job of a blogger? That is a question I’d often hear from people. That is not at all surprising since the job description of a blogger can be a hazy subject matter especially since there seems to be no clear-cut guidelines to qualify as one.


5 Tips to Turn Freelance Writing Into a Career


Do you love to write? Then take that passion and turn it into a career. Freelance writing gives you the freedom to do what you love and lets you to work on your own schedule.

Becoming a success may sound challenging … or even impossible. It doesn't have to be. All it takes is some creativity — both on the page and off it. Here are five tips to turn freelance writing into a career.


Finding a Writing Job by Developing a Blog

There are several ways to land an exciting writing job but one of the most popular now is by having a blog. Blogs of writers serve as a live resume of sorts for employers and other people who may need a writer. The ability and the capability of the writer can be gauged by the contents found in his or her blog.

Even without purposely applying for a writing job, writers who are able to establish a good name and reputation will eventually catch the attention of individuals and companies who have use for such skills. While some would be contented in hiring the writer to produce materials for their use, many will prefer to also cash in on the good name of the writer. This will of course be equivalent to better pay.

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Here are some ways writers can make sure that their blogs catch the right online attention:

Get the Best Web Hosting

When we talk about the best web hosting option, it does not necessarily mean the most expensive or the most popular. The best web hosting service will come from the company that will be able to serve the needs of the site. However, blog owners must be aware of the importance of reliability and consistency in online presence. This means the very least downtime, if any and the fastest speed when loading the blog pages.

Put Quality and Excellent Content

Writers for blogs will have to remember this always. The blog and its contents will reflect their capability to produce quality and excellent content for employers. There must be great care in form and structure so as to come out a master of the language being used. It has to be noted that potential employers can look at the blog contents even without informing the writer. If they like what they see, they will find a way to contact the writer. If they don't, the writer may not even know that there were people who visited the blog for such purpose. A good advice here is to always consider the structure, spelling, grammar, and other technicalities of writing before publishing anything.

Widen Writing Horizons

Bloggers should learn to bring their writing and their blog before a wider audience. Guest posting in related blogs will create awareness and appreciation from a different audience. There is always the possibility that a potential employer is within such audience.

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Freelance Writing and Blogging Jobs


A print and web design company based in Downriver needs a freelance content writer to help in writing articles for print publications and websites. Topics to be covered are business profiles, dining guides and reviews, community profiles and local arts scene. Although a freelance position, the writer needs to go to the office once a week to get his list of article topics. Articles should have a word count of 330 to 550. More details here.

Alloy Group is looking for a researcher and writer with a background in legal research. The part-time job requires researching legal articles and writing blog posts and articles. Qualified to apply are those with superior writing skills and can work independently at home. To apply, submit your resume, cover letter and short writing sample at this website www.rustconsulting.com/careers.aspx. More

5 Ways To Get a Blogging Job with Twitter


Many active internet users today think that LinkedIn is the only social networking site they can turn to for job hunting purposes. While it's true that LinkedIn was designed to connect employers and people looking for jobs, Twitter is another social media platform that can be tapped by job hunters.

Early this year, the human resource team of Twitter together with NPR organized a chat event on Twitter to provide information on how job seekers can use the platform to look for possible work. Being an open network, experts believe the site can be useful in connecting people with the industry they're most fitted in and potential employers.

There are various ways in maximizing the potential of Twitter to enable people looking for jobs get the most suitable work for them based on their skills and talents.

Establish Your Expertise

While Twitter limits the number of characters for every tweet you send out, you can still share valuable content and include links to relevant posts. Retweeting is fine but it would be much better to send a tweet in your own words and do it regularly.

Follow the Industry You Like to Be In

Following the industry you want to belong to is also a must. This will make you aware of the latest happenings and the trends in employment.

Follow Companies in Your Industry

Numerous companies today, including the global ones, have a Twitter account which they use to share updates on their activities and even job openings. As such, you can follow those that you like and want to be part of so you get first hand information on their recruitment activity. Following them on Twitter would be much easier on your part instead of constantly visiting their main website for updates.

Build Your Network

Establishing friendly relations with people and even companies you follow on Twitter is another important thing you can do. Engaging with them is a must and one that can easily be achieved unlike when you're using other social networking sites. Connecting with the right people and companies on this platform can be both productive and meaningful.

Use Twitter as a Jump-off Point

On Twitter, users are allowed to create their profile with photo. But although the information you can include is limited, you can still use it as a jump-off point for your more comprehensive online profiles. Be sure to post a link to your profile on other sites such as LinkedIn or your personal blog, if any.

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About the guest author:

Gracie is an active social media user who has received offers for writing projects via Twitter. She values a fast internet access such as one provided by Clear Internet Service.


Invoicing your Blogging Clients

Freelance workers today face challenging situations. They can have their hands full managing several projects at the same time and meeting tight deadlines.

In addition to their work, they also need to do some invoicing tasks on their own at least before or at the end of the month. This is to ensure prompt payment of their services.

Bloggers are some of the freelance workers facing this work setting. While some, particularly the newbies, may still be struggling in the area of invoicing, the others have found the right tools to make their work faster and easier.

Some employers may provide their remote or freelance staff a standard document to use. The others may require their workers to download a specific invoicing software to use. More

Should Online Jobs be Regulated by a Country's Law?

The internet technology has provided people in need of work with so much convenience for years now. Job hunting and getting employed have been made easier as people can apply for jobs online or even work online in the comforts of their home.

Various government agencies and private organizations have developed job search and job matching portals to assist the public looking for a source of livelihood. These sites have been most helpful as they provided an option from the traditional job hunting process.

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Availability of Online Jobs

Today, numerous online jobs are widely available in various sectors. They cover information technology, administrative, finance, journalism, healthcare, marketing and advertising. Some jobs are offered on a full time basis while the others are part-time and on a freelance basis. There are also companies that allow telecommuting to employees which means they can work at home on certain agreed terms.

Some of these online work-at-home professions actually pay well. These high-paying professions include that of software engineers, computer programmers, medical transcriptionists, systems administrators, graphic designers, writers, authors and public relations specialists. More

Become a Freelance Writer or Blogger

Autism Plugged In needs writers (freelance and intern) who can review iPhone/iPad/Android apps. The apps are targeted at helping kids with special needs including those with autism. The site's audience include parents, teachers and therapists. Interested writers must have access to an iPad as you will be asked to download an app, use it and review it clearly. To apply, email jack@autismpluggedin.com and state the position they want, the reasons why you want to write for the site and what unique skills you possess. Also, provide links to previous writing samples.


ConservativeisCool.com also needs a blogger who can write conservative political opinion and pop culture commentary. Candidates must be able to give new ideas, perspectives and be able to analyze policies and politics. Those who can write witty pieces with a bit of charm and sarcasm are welcome to apply. If interested, email editor@conservativeiscool.com to send your resume and at least two to three writing samples. Provide two topic suggestions as well.

Forefront Magazine, an online and iPad publication, is looking for freelance writers who can do interviews over the phone and write intelligent and interesting stories. The position requires writers to come up with engaging articles focusing on the personal stories of business professionals in various industries. To apply, visit here for details. More

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