Of Greetings and Eco-Stuff

Bloggers and Writers are needed for two interesting sites that are out of the normal requirements. Greeting card writers for Blue Mountain Arts and Eco-friendly Solutions at EcoFuss. Greeting cards may sound simple yet are quite hard to write for due to the apparent over use of some of the phrases we see everyday. Creativity at it's best and a love for words would be necessary for today's greeting cards being such a thing of the past, they are still the best solution for a forgotten event in our daily lives.
May there be a recession or not, nothing beats the simple yet warming feeling of getting a card from someone special you may not even know. For missed dates to say that heartfelt “sorry”, to the “congratulations” on that special promotion or graduation, word play is needed for them to be really special.

Talking about that warming thingy, writers for blogging about the environment and ways we can do to help it are needed at EcoFuss where products are offered that make use of less earth impacting solutions. Pay may be modest yet can you put a price on our future. We have damaged and influenced the earth for so long it is about time we took some responsibility for its care. Want your kids to have a wonderful place to live in, act now and express your love for the planet as you blog along to help ol' Mother Earth. The planet you may save is the only one we have so take up the cause and even earn a buck in the process.


Get a Blogging Scholarship!

We got this from email:

This is Shannon Prue, Scholarship Coordinator for the Daniel Kovach Scholarship Foundation.

Just this morning, we started accepting applications for our 2nd annual Blogging Scholarship.

The Grand Prize this year is $10,000 and will be presented at the Blog World and New Media Expo in Las Vegas, this upcoming Nov. 8-9.

We are looking for well qualified applicants, so if you think any of your readers would be eligible, then please let them know about this opportunity.

Full details are at CollegeScholarships.org:

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions by replying to this email or calling me personally at (919) 341-7080.

Have a great day.

We know there are a lot of student-bloggers out there, so don’t miss this great chance!

Blogger Jobs: A New Look?

You may notice the change from the usual Blogger Jobs Look. Well, you may be aware of Blogger Jobs’ recent acquisition, and with this transfer, we converted the site to a different blogging software. So please bear with us while we give Blogger Jobs a facelift. Meanwhile, we’ll continue posting relevant links and listings, so you won’t be running out of prospective problogging and other blog-related gigs. We can’t promise anything definite in terms of the design. But as for the direction this blog is going to take, we can promise a leaner, meaner Blogger Jobs!

  • Survival & Preparedness Article Writer
  • Social Media Blogger Required
  • Maternity Blogger
  • Blogger for Cyber Security + Personal Privacy and Protection
  • Dating Blogger Wanted