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How to Write about a Dull Topic and Make It Appealing

If you have been writing for a long time and it’s what you do for a living, you’ll eventually reach a point where you have to write on a topic that you’ve written about a hundred times. It’s a challenge to say something new on a subject matter that you have bled dry, and try to make it exciting and fresh. Or you have to write about a topic and doing research, you find that it has been exhausted on the internet.

But worry not. There are creative ways to breathe new life into a dull and boring subject, so that you ignite the readers’ interest and prevail on them to stay on. Here are some techniques to write about a dull topic and make it appealing:

Look at it from a fresh angle.

Take DUI. It’s probably the most written-about topic on a lawyer’s blog. With over 1.3 million lawyers in America, and 76 percent of consumers going online to look for an attorney, any lawyer or law firm worth his salt must has a website. And a DUI post.

If you have to write about impaired driving or DUI, don’t just copy what everyone else is saying or writing about. One way of looking t it from a new angle is to look at trends. Now DUI isn’t confined only to male drivers. Statistics are showing that women drunk drivers involved in accidents are increasing. Then you’ll have a new interesting post about a perennially discussed topic.

Link it to attention-grabbing news.

Start your article with news connected to the topic. Again, using DUI as an example, begin with a celebrity caught drunk driving or a car crash that had fatalities. Look for details that news media may have missed and the tragic effects of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Customize the topic.

Readers find custom content about an old and common topic appealing and are more likely to read it. If you must write about DUI, look for ways to make a custom written essay that will make it intriguing. Write about the Fair DUI flyers and how motorists can protect their rights and avoid being harassed by overly zealous cops.

Make your content visual.

High quality visual content can make boring topics exciting and attractive. The same post in text-only format will get many more readers if high definition and informative visual content is added to it. Use images, videos and infographics to drive home the message that DUI is dangerous and show statistics on car accidents, fatalities and serious injuries.

Have details in your content.

An essay or article that contains general information is lifeless and dull. If you’re going to write about a subject matter that has been discussed and written about endlessly, dig up fascinating details or little known information about it that will hold the reader’s attention. For DUI, for example, write about the difference in state laws with regards to age, offense and sentences but avoid yawn-inducing legalese speak. Add your own comments to provoke thinking.

Create catchy titles.

If you have to write about a humdrum topic, at least take the time and effort to think up a click-worthy title. Advertising guru David Ogilvy says, “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.” Your content may be great but if you have a blah headline, readers will not click on it as often as you’d like them to.

There are many techniques for writing catchy titles. Learn from the experts and apply them to your story or essay.

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