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This is How I Write Blog Posts (And Why You Should Too!)

As a professional blogger, I aspire to provide top-notch services to my clients.

Part of it is writing kickass content that their audiences will love.

Most bloggers have become much smarter in their approach to writing. They observe the best practices when writing content before publishing them on their blogs. These practices result in increased traffic and engagement from readers.

For clients, nothing is more desirable than bloggers who provide content that audiences love.

In this post, I will share tips on how I write irresistible blog content. These helped me gain and keep most of my blogging clients.

Plan and research

Before taking up writing projects, I set up my goals by answering the questions below:

  1. What will the reader take away from the post after reading it?
  2. How will I reach the goals set by the client with my content?

For the first question, I make sure to include actionable items in the post.

I can spread them throughout the post or summarize the items at the end.

Either way, these encourage your readers to follow the tips and advice detailed in the post.

Tip: Make the actionable items easy to follow so readers can do them on their own.

For the second question, I determine the goals that clients want to achieve when I write for them.

ea819aa8faaebeb385596d0f0b0df989It all starts with your goals…Why are you blogging? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself. Are you trying to increase sales? Do you want people to download your ebook? Building a list? It is the end outcome that determines what comes next.Rob Lons of RankPay, a pay for performance SEO services

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Once you have narrowed down your goals to just one, use that in your writing. If you want to point visitors to your landing pages, place a link to any of these pages on the content body.

Use editing tools

As a non-native English speaker, I am confident with my English writing skills. But this does not always translate well to English-speaking clients.

While not writers, they can see the sentence and grammar mistakes from a mile away.

Even after editing the post, there are still few errors that slip through the crack.

To combat this, I have enlisted the help of Hemingway to tighten up my writing. 2015-08-07 13-31-19

This free online tool works like a personal editor. It detects sentences that are difficult to read so I can edit them.

It also finds the use of phrases, adverbs, and passive voice that you need to reword or remove.

Writing on Hemingway for the first time will feel strange. This is true for those who write long sentences and use the passive voice. You will find yourself rewriting your sentences most of the time. 2015-08-07 13-39-22

But if you obsess over getting things right, then you will love this free tool.

Hemingway helps you establish your writing fundamentals so you can compose much better posts. It also corrects bad writing habits that you keep committing.

Once you finish using Hemingway, run your post using Grammarly. This tool finds grammar errors for you to correct. You can download and enable a Chrome or Firefox extension of this tool.

The free version only points out your mistakes but never provides the correction. But Grammarly Premium does, and it is one of my favorite writing tools to date. 2015-07-21 10-20-31

Paste the post onto the document and see the errors that you have committed. The best thing about  the paid version is the option to edit your text using different contexts. 2015-07-21 10-17-11

Whether it is writing an email or a dissertation, the tool will edit your text using your chosen context.

Other cool features include the plagiarism checker and vocabulary enhancement.

I wrote a detailed review of Grammarly Premium at BloggingPro. I recommend bloggers serious at their craft to get the Premium copy of this tool. It helped me keep one of my clients to continue working with me!

Use different content types

The written word is one of the many content types you can include in your post.

The rise of visual content encourages bloggers to include different media into their posts. One of them is the use of images.

Aside from paid stock images, Pixabay lets you download high-quality stock photos for free. You can also sign up to Unsplash to receive 10 hi-res images every 10 days at no cost to you.

Find images that fit your post. Do not use image that have nothing to do with your topic. Since the post is about writing, I used the image below as example of an image relevant to your post.
Find images that fit your post. Do not use image that have nothing to do with your topic. Since the post is about writing, I used the image above as example of a picture relevant to your post.

Visual content garners lots of social media shares. Thus, edit the images using filters and adding text. For non-designers, you can use PicMonkey to drag and drop elements to your image. 2015-08-07 13-53-37

On the example above, I edited the image to include the title and website URL. Doing these help make the image much more shareable and “pinnable.” I detailed how you can do the same thing with your image in another post at BloggingPro.

Tip: Before editing the image, make sure that you have the rights in doing so. For paid stock photos, read and follow the terms that the author included in the file to make sure you are in the clear.

Aside from images, you can use videos to boost engagement and retention. Embed a related Youtube to help illustrate your points in a more dynamic way. 2015-08-07 14-05-19

Another type of visual content is a slideshow. Look for slideshows and documents relevant to your post at SlideShare and embed them on your post. 2015-08-07 14-06-35


Another great content to include in your post are tweetable quotes.

Find a quote from an influencer in your niche related to your topic and paste it on your post.

Open ClickToTweet Basic and paste the quote there. Shorten if necessary. Include the Twitter handle of the influencer and your blog in the tweetable quote. 2015-08-07 21-23-30

Tip: Make sure that the message in the tweetable quote fits when shared on Twitter.

Copy the entire message on ClickToTweet and paste in on Twitter. 2015-08-07 21-37-11

The ClickToTweet character count is inaccurate. It does not acknowledge a link as a fixed count of 22 characters.


This is a really cool way to get more retweets on your blog because you are giving people micro-opportunities to share your work. They might not want to tweet your whole post but they might like a quote or two. – Ramsay Taplin, Blog Tyrant (Source)

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Once a reader tweets the quote, Twitter will notify you and the influencer.

Embedding infographic is also a great way to detail your post in a striking manner. Which brings me to my next point…

Formatting your post

There is no one best layout for all blog posts. There are lots of factors to consider when figuring out how to format your post. But it did not stop Derek Halpern from creating an infographic on how to write the perfect blog post.

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Bloggers do not have the same idea on how the perfect blog post layout looks like. But it helps present content in an easy to digest manner by breaking the wall of text using images and CTA buttons.

H43fAAiuThe point of this blog post is to encourage people to read the blog post in its entirety while also encouraging people to share it on social media and subscribe to a newsletter. -Derek Halpern, Social Triggers (Source)

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Approaching your blog layout using this template may not be a bad idea. You can tweak it as you see fit moving forward until you find the best layout that works for you.

Determine your call to action

Your CTA depends on your business goals. Below are some of the goals that you need to consider for your post:

  1. Increase e-mail subscribers
  2. Drive more traffic to your landing pages
  3. Get visitors to buy your products or services
  4. Engage with your audience

Depending on your goal, you must apply the best copywriting practices. Doing so will encourage people to commit to your desired actions.

Here are basic copywriting tactics that you must apply for your blog post.

Use action words

Encourage action by using strong verbs. Start the sentence with words like “learn,” “download,” and “click,” among others. Avoid linking verbs at all costs.

Emphasize on the benefits

Visitors will not perform your desired action if they do not know what they will get in return. List the benefits in bulleted form to make them easier to read. Underline all the positive things that visitors will receive after committing to your CTA.

Make your CTA pop out

Use different font colors to emphasize your call to action. You can also create an eye-catching button to boost your CTA even more.

As seen on the infographic above, you can use more than one CTA in your post. Doing this allows you to see which CTA performs the best so you can emphasize that even more. You can improve the CTA that does not perform as well.

Tip: Two great CTA tools I would suggest using are HelloBar and SumoMe.

Both allow you to place an opt-in form on any part of your page to build your email list further. 2015-08-07 22-09-14

For those not interested in building a list, increase your traffic or followers instead. 2015-08-07 22-09-22

The best thing about both tools is that they can appear on all pages of your site, if not specific ones. You can customize when and where your visitors will see the boxes and bars.

So why should I write like you again?

I know, right? I mean, who am I to tell you how to write?

But who I am does not matter. What matters is how writing your blog posts this way helps meet your goals in an effective manner.

Consider the following:

  • Planning your posts ahead of time lets you organize your research materials and thoughts. Once you are ready to write, all you need to do is focus on the actual writing.
  • Using editing tools tightens your writing and helps you improve your grammar. Also, you can automate the editing process so you can focus on the quality of your posts.
  • Including different content types creates variety in your blog post. Users respond well to visual content. By adding different content, you create a more dynamic interaction with your readers.
  • Keep your eye on the CTA. Reach out to your readers by crafting cunning CTA so you can extend the discussion past your blog post.

Now that I have your attention, please do the following for us to continue the discussion:

Share your writing style by commenting below.

Let us discuss your tactics, strategies, and techniques to write blog posts that make an impact. Take this time to share tools that help you in writing your posts. Educate and learn from the comments below to help you become an even better blogger!

So, what are you waiting for? Comment now!

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