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Workplace Organization Tips for Better Productivity

As a freelance blogger, you strive to find ways to be more productive so you can finish more for your clients. The more posts you can write, the more money you make. It is as simple as that.

In our previous posts, we have discussed using different tools to manage multiple blogging clients and setting up the perfect home office. Both help in increasing your productivity – the tools help you organize the tasks that need to be done, and the home office setup allows you to create a distraction-free environment that is conducive to work.

In this post, we continue the trend of providing bloggers all over the world with more tips to increase their efficiency for work. This time, however, we will feature an infographic that details how a workplace organization should look like, courtesy of Omnipapers.

ways to organize your writing cabinet

There are lots of cool tips featured in the infographic above that not covered by our older posts. Below are few that you should consider when setting up your home workplace.

Drink green tea

Tea has L-theanine and caffeine that will help keep you alert for sustained periods of time.

Now, we are not saying that you should drink tea instead of coffee although tea is known to provide more health benefits. Either way, ingesting caffeine (2-3 cups at most) is a good way to increase your productivity.

Purchase an all-in-one PC

Using a regular desktop computer can be a pain. This is due to the wires connecting the monitor, CPU, and other gadgets. The wires take up space and add to the clutter in your workstation,

With an all-in-one computer, you will not have this problem. The monitor and CPU are located in a single enclosure, eliminating the use of thick wires to connect the different parts. The only parts you will have to plug in are the mouse and keyboard.

Print out inspirational quotes and stick them to your walls

When you are losing hope or feeling down with your job, having these inspirational quotes hanging on your walls serve as a reminder why you blog in the first place.

“What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.” -Ralph Marston (Click Here to Tweet This Quote!)

They do not even have to be quotes – you can hang a picture of your family or loved ones, any image that will encourage you to keep working and doing the best that you can.

Set up a non-work area within your station

If you are worn out from working, take a break at this are. It can be a couch facing your window or a table. You can eat your lunch here or take a power nap to refresh yourself. Just make sure that there are no televisions, books, or other distractions in this station to keep your productivity levels up.

Have writing materials within your reach

It is easy to ignore using a notebook and pen nowadays because of the different online tools available to organize your work. However, for ideas that you wish to catch on the fly, going old school is sometimes the best way. Also, studies show that writing your thoughts on pen and paper increase your memory and help recall concepts much easier.

Go smart with your pen

If you are an advocate of the digital space, then you need to use a smart pen instead of the regular pen and paper. Using this allows you to transfer your handwritten notes into digital copies. If you like saying your ideas out loud, you can even record sound and convert it into an audio file.


This article above is a testament to the endless ways that bloggers can be productivity and get more things done. Hopefully, we can discover more ways to help you become more efficient with your work and feature them here on this site. In the meantime, the ideas above should still help you get stuff done in less time.

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