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How to Launch a Successful Blogging Career as a Student


For most students, blogging is a platform to express their feelings. For some, blogging is a way to make money and support their education.

The latter is a difficult balancing act.

On one hand, you need to observe the best blogging practices to can squeeze as much profit as you can.

wfaY3rCEUtilizing these basic practices will help you get off the ground, and keeping those advanced SEO strategies in mind will push you toward new heights.Matt Banner from (Link to exact quote)

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On the other, you must stay on top of your academic work so you can pass with flying colors.

Whether you are in high school or college, getting your studies in order can be difficult. This is true if you hate studying and are more interested in blogging instead.

Failing your subjects is not an option. By graduating, you open yourself to more career opportunities upon entering the workforce. You do not want to jeopardize your future by not making the most out of your education.

You need to strike the perfect balance between school work and your blog. In itself, school is a demanding activity that requires your full attention. Your blogging efforts will suffer if you focus on school, which is a good thing.

But if you are hellbent on succeeding as a student and blogger, you can follow the tips below.

Develop A+ posts


The debate between quantity versus quality of blog posts still rages on.

Those arguing for quantity point to the increase in the freshness index of the blog. By publishing more posts, Google and others will take notice and hike up your search rankings.

On the opposite side, people argue for quality on the basis of building authority. With informative, actionable blog posts, you provide value to readers. In return, your blog will have a greater chance to return to your blog.

AvSqkyAKYou need to focus on both. If you work on any one of these, they will have some disadvantages along with benefits. But if you use them together, you are probably going to impress readers and make them buy or subscribe to your blog resulting in immediate success. The best way is to keep a combination of Pillar posts and speed posts. Harsh Agrawal of ShoutMeLoud (Link to exact quote)

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While it is ideal to do both, it is near impossible to apply them on a consistent basis as a student.

There are advantages in blogging on a regular basis. But as a full-time student, the disadvantages far outweighs the benefits, in my opinion.

By writing every day, you sacrifice time from studying. Even if you spend a couple of hours blogging, that is still a huge chunk of time.

I am not even considering the quality of posts you churn out with a daily publishing schedule. If you blog every day but the content is not up to par with great blogs, then your efforts are useless.

This is why you need to simplify your blogging calendar by focusing on the quality of posts.

A well-researched post is a great way to build authority in your niche. Two ways of doing this is by combining evergreen content and the Skyscraper Technique.

rmASq7xoEvergreen content is also a huge help to you, the content creator, in that it has a long shelf life. You can reshare evergreen blog posts on your blog far past the date they were published. You can repackage evergreen content over and over, creating new content types and bringing in the traffic long after the original publication date. – Sujan Patel for Filament (Link to exact quote)

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Publishing evergreen content is not viable if you run a time-sensitive or seasonal blog. This type of blog only gains traffic in specific times of the year, i.e. Christmas blog during the holidays.

When done right, evergreen content will drive a sustainable amount of traffic.

I have been harping about the Skyscraper Technique in different publications. I risk sounding like a broken record, but to reiterate: this technique strikes two birds with a stone.

One, it provides value to readers. This will also help you build authority in your niche. By building your reputation using this technique, you can gain more blog subscribers.

Two: you create linkbait content for your blog. There is a great chance that readers will link back to your content given the chockful of information. This helps increase your search ranking for your target keyword.

Using both content types, here is what you can do as a student to shape up your blog:

  • Schedule your content generation at reasonable times during the week. It is ideal to write your content during the weekend so you can focus on your studies during the weekdays.
  • Perfect your post before publishing. Make sure that your grammar is correct and your sentences are tight. You might consider reading something that I whipped up last week to help you write better blog posts.

Automate social sharing

Time is not on your side as a blogging student.

To maximize the reach of your post, you will need to follow the 80/20 rule by Derek Halpern.

H43fAAiuIt’s smarter to find another 10,000 people to consume what you’ve already created as opposed to creating more.

Or, in other words, create content 20% of the time. Spend the other 80% of the time promoting what you created.Derek Halpern of Social Triggers (Link to actual quote)

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Spending even more time promoting your content as a student will be time-consuming.

To make this easier for you, automate your social sharing using IFTTT. This site lets you create triggered responses between third-party websites.

This works like the if-then statement. You can create a trigger so that every post you publish on your blog gets tweeted on your Twitter account.

By setting up IFTTT, you let it promote your posts on social media instead of doing it yourself.

For this example, we will connect your RSS feed to your Twiter account.

To do this, register for an account and create a recipe.

Click on the “this” link to access the list of different sites and RSS feed button. 2015-08-14 13-56-22

Choose the new feed item trigger and enter the RSS feed. 2015-08-14 13-59-03

Once selected, click on the “that” links and find the Twitter button. 2015-08-14 14-01-31

Choose the Post a tweet action and edit the tweet as you see fit. 2015-08-14 14-03-19

Once finished, your Twitter account will automatic tweet your latest blog posts.

Aside from Twitter, you can also create triggers on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

Setting up these recipes cut down the time in promoting your posts and reaching out to your audience.

This is just one of the many ways that you can automate your content promotions. Below are other ideas that you can apply to your latest blog post:

  • Share your content using It is not automated compared to IFTTT. But you can share your content to different online channels with a click of a button. On top of the sites include LinkedIn Groups, Tumblr, and much more.
  • Consider using email outreach to share your content to influencers and bloggers. I suggest using BuzzStream or Ninja Outreach to find influencers in your niche. Using either tool, send out email templates sharing them your content. This method is not automated, but it is one of the most effective tactics to get lots of shares and visitors. This is assuming that the influencers share your content.

Let someone write your essays in school

write-593333_1280 (1)

This is a controversial issue. But since there are services that allow you to do this, it is best to at least entertain the idea.

Essay writing is a skill developed in school to help build your ability to communicate ideas.

In a practical sense, essay writing is just like blogging. Both let you compose your thoughts in words and write them with a particular reader in mind.

Also, both are time-consuming activities. It is unlikely that you will succeed in doing blogging and essay writing at the same time.

Something has to go.

If you are dead-set on blogging, you must find a way to produce essays without losing the time to write your posts.

The only way maintain a high blogging output is to buy your essays.

There are lots of essay writing services out there. There is one best reviewer from OmniPapers blog who ranks the best essay writing sites. Refer to the list and see which among these sites will provide you the best essay for your needs.

Again, most will have  a problem with buying essays. In my opinion, I would suggest going against essay writing services. You develop your communication skills by writing essays. By foregoing this practice, you prevent yourself from developing your style and form.

There is no doubt that you develop your writing chops by blogging. But the rigid training in college enforces discipline in your writing. This kind of training will help you become a better writer, which is a prerequisite to blogging.

But playing the devil’s advocate here, the services are there for the taking. You can buy the essays and take ownership of them without people knowing.

eac60e07b69aa8eec3c78ae5327b7d07[I]t will depend on how you as a student manage the choices you make. If you can live a life of using an essay writer and other services to help you coast through life, then more power to you. If your [conscience] cannot bear the burden of using these services to write your reports or papers even if there’s a good reason for you to proceed with this, then great. – Christopher Jan Benitez for ComLuv (Link to actual quote)

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Final thoughts

Becoming a successful blogger requires students to take lots of sacrifices. It is the price they will have to pay if they want to build their blogging career as early as today. If you are adamant in developing your blog, the tips above should help guide make the right decisions and make it easier for you.

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