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Going Offline: Staying Connected in the Real World

entrepreneur-593372_640Unlike being employed by a company, freelance writers will find themselves spending more hours working than not. This rings true to professionals who just launched their freelance careers. They may have the luxury of working at home and more control over their time, but they’ll be using most of their time securing clients to work for.

Their limited experience as a freelance writer won’t help their cause, as clients are more agreeable to those with a more accomplished portfolio. This is why freelancers cut down the cost of their services so they can get attract and secure clients.

To compensate for the below-average pay, freelancers will have to find even more clients to break even. This results to more work and less time for everything else. And we’re not even discussing how some clients run away with your work without giving you a single cent.

This cycle of working and looking for more work is all in the day of a freelance writer. In a study released by Contently this past week, two of the biggest challenges that freelancers must face is securing for enough work (34.1%) and taking on too much work (11%) 2015-07-03 06-38-58
Taken from “Contently Study: The State of Freelancing in 2015

It’s easy to imagine how most freelancers sit in front of their desktops or laptops the whole day before getting some sleep and repeating the process the next day. They lose out on the camaraderie that comes with working in an office or even having enough time to do things outside their line of work. This results to loneliness, which is another challenge that freelancers have to face according to the study (3%).

If you love freelance writing or blogging but are forced to disconnect from people so you can build up your career, here are some tips to help you keep in touch with reality.

Organize your time

The topic of time has been beaten to death in this site, but it begs to be discussed again and again.

While it is common among freelancers to keep looking for clients so they can grow their salary and have a diverse source of income, it comes with the expense of time management. By taking on more clients even when their plate is full, they’ll be hard-pressed to chase deadlines until the wee hours of the morning. It could come to a point that they won’t get anything done at all because of the insurmountable workload in front of them.

Managing your time properly as a freelancer will help free up your time doing other things and make you more money! (Click Here to Tweet This Quote)

If you find yourself to be in this position, you need to cut down on the number of clients you have. Take away the least profitable and keep the stable ones who will make you the most money in the long run, among other factors that you prioritize.

You’d want to maximize your productivity so you can get more things done in less time. This can be achieved by using different tools to manage your projects and track your time so you can stay on top of things even when things get tough.

Indirectly related is your working environment. Your home office space should allow you the privacy to do your work without any disturbances from your friends and family.

Join meetups


Once you have cleared up time from your schedule, you may want to consider joining up meetups with other people, aside from reconnecting with your family and friends. A way of doing this is by signing up to Meetup and find groups that match your interests and skills. Depending on how active the group you’ve joined in, respective moderators organize meetups (some of which have fees) and invite all members to join.

Joining meetups achieves two important things for you as a freelancer. First is the chance to meet new and like-minded people who share the same enthusiasm with you about a particular submit. This allows you to break the monotony of working from home and brings a breath of fresh air to your drab schedule.

Another is the ability to build on your writing skills and connect with influencers in your industry. There are groups in Meetup for freelance writers and you can join those within your area. There are groups that organize events, workshops, and networking opportunities, all of which you can capitalize on to improve in your craft.

Take vacations

deckchairs-355596_640Just like every other work, freelancers will find the daily grind tiresome and exhausting. One way of recharging yourself from the drudgery of client work is to treat yourself and your family and/or loved ones to a vacation. According to the study conducted by the Applied Research in Quality of Life, the sheer act of planning for a vacation, even before arriving at your destination, already increases your happiness for the next eight weeks.

Among common vacation destination, the beach, in particular walking on the shore, cultivates your emotional wellbeing. It depends on your location preference for your vacation (some may choose to spend time in a winter cabin to take a break and refuel their creative juices). As long as you get all the rest you’ll need, there’s no one place in the world where you should spend your vacation.

Taking a vacation is a great way to disconnect from the online world and take time to enjoy the beauty around you. Too often we take our surroundings for granted because it’s always been there, but your vacation should help you gain a deeper appreciation of the setting sun, the wonderful views, and beautiful landscapes.

Final thoughts: Once you have been working as a freelance writer, you will realize the importance of stepping away from your computer and spend quality time with people or your surrounding. Even if you’re starting out with your freelance career, make it a point to include the tips above as part of your schedule.

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