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Bored With Blogging? Here are Other Freelance Writing Jobs for You

Bored With Blogging? Here are Other Freelance Writing Jobs for You

Let’s say you have been blogging for years already. You’re currently managing multiple clients blogs where you develop and publish high-quality content to their respective target audiences. You’ve been doing this day in and out with great success. Your current clients are happy and prospective customers are lined up for your blogging services.

However, the monotony of blogging has caught up with you. The fire and passion that has driven you to succeed before has died out. You have reached a point in your blogging career where you are complacent and just going through the notions.

In fact, you’re just as bored as this cat.

Bored With Blogging? Here are Other Freelance Writing Jobs for You

While blogging may have burned you out, this does not mean that you should give blogging altogether. What you can do to get back the spark that you lost from blogging is to pursue other freelance writing jobs outside the blogosphere. What this can do is to challenge you once again and get your groove back.

If you’re bored with blogging, then you should start challenging yourself by applying to these alternative freelance writing jobs! (Click Here to Tweet This Quote!)

Below are freelance writing jobs you ought to consider applying for.


Copywriting and blogging share similarities, but what sets copywriters apart from other online wordsmiths are their meticulous approach to words. Every word crafted by copywriters in a sentence or tagline serves a purpose of calling people to a desired action.

While you may have experience with copywriting when developing landing pages or including CTA buttons in your blog posts, this may not prepare you for the detail-oriented approach that copywriters take in coming up with deliberately wording for their sentences.

This is a good thing — by learning the fine art of copywriting, you can use this newly acquired skill to write more compelling blog posts that your audience will love!

To give you an idea on how copywriting is broken down to a science, here’s a great post from one of the best online resources for copywriters, CopyBlogger.


Social Media

Writing for a community is something that you do as a blogger. While that may also be the case with social media specialists, they are more concerned with what ticks their audience and community at the moment.

They are able to place their thumb on the pulse of their followers by tracking the trending topics, piggybacking on breaking news within their industries, and segregating your audience according to the appropriate demographics to create highly-targeted messages to each group, among other tasks.

To get a lowdown on the responsibilities of a social media specialist, here’s an abridged version in the form of an infographic by RazorSocial.

Courtesy of: RazorSocial

For newbies, you can start applying to social media entry level jobs to get a feel of whether or not you can do this job in the long run.

search-645284_1280Search Engine Optimization

Another skill that bloggers may have acquired over time, there’s more to SEO than just writing content with your target keyword in mind, among other on-page optimization practices.

The biggest challenge offered in SEO is the off-page aspect of it. The goal is to rank on the very top search result for your target keyword. This is one by create a link profile of valuable backlinks or links from different sites pointing to yours. In the eyes of search engine, a backlink is considered a recommendation. The more “recommendations” you have for your site from other publication sites, the more chances your site will get to the top of search engines.

As a blogger, this is a daunting task that requires creativity and ingenuity. There’s writing involved in most link building tasks (sending out emails, reaching out to influencers, etc.) so this still falls right up your alley. To help you get started, head on to Point Blank SEO for the complete list of link building tactics and strategies.

Pay Per Click Advertising

For a short but sweet explanation of this job type, I give you this Youtube video below:

The “writing” task involved in this profession is crafting compelling copy to be included in the ads. If you feel your copywriting skills are sharp enough, you ought to give PCC Advertising a try. Also, since the focus in on bidding for keywords from the Google Ads platform, this gives you a break from heavy writing and lets you dedicate time in learning how to promote blogs and site using this paid method.

To help get your feet wet with PPC Advertising, here’s a comprehensive post for beginners at Portent.

Final thoughts: Even if blogging is your lifesblood, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get tired or worn out from doing it all the time. That’s way there are adjacent freelance writing jobs similar to blogger to not only give you a break from blogging, but also expand your skill set to become a much more complete online marketer!

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