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How To Spot Good Guest Blogging Opportunities


Although guest blogging has been getting a lot of bad press lately for its spammy inclinations, it can also be the beginning of a symbiotic relationship between blog owner and guest blogger. If you are an advocate of morally acceptable SEO tactics, then you should benefit from finding good guest blogging opportunities.

In the race for search engine optimization, all bloggers and website owners know that getting a link from reputable or widely popular blogs also ups their own site in traffic and respectability. And one way to get those links is through guest blogs. But applying to be a guest blogger is not as easy as writing a post for your own blog. There are two hurdles you have to overcome: first, to find out which blogs in your niche are the most popular, the dominant players, the often talked about; and second, which is the more difficult task, to convince the owners to accept youa s a guest blogger because you write quality content posts that will add value to their blog.

The most well-known method for finding authority blogs in your niche is to do the Google search. But aside from your main keyword, use a combination of words related to your niche. Then follow with the usual “guest post” but don’t limit yourself to it. You can type in “write for us”, “become a contributor” or “guest posting guidelines” as these will indicate that the blog is accepting guest bloggers. Strong blogs have a community of engaged readers, an active social media presence and lots of comments, shares and likes. Eliminate article directories and content mills and take time to read the blog’s contents. Do they provide useful and unique content and are they compelling reads?

The challenge here is competing with all the other guest bloggers in your field who have almost certainly applied, too.

So, how do you find good guest blogging opportunities before the others do?

Here are some great tools:


Buzzsumo is where you can find the most shared content relating to your niche, the key influencers and how the competition is doing. For guest bloggers, this is very useful. All you do is type in your keyword, unselect all types on the left-hand side except “Guest Posts” and begin your search. The results will show the top content being shared on social media, the blog sites and the authors.


Most guest bloggers looking for websites to post in are not aware that Twitter is a very powerful tool for searching. It contains tons of information and is often more current than Google. By typing in the keyword or keyword related terms and following them with “guest post”, you get the top content. Its Advanced Search feature allows you to filter your search by date range, hashtags, words and phrases, and authors.


The great thing about Alltop is, the websites and blogs featured in it are the top ones on the internet. Alltop is a website that aggregates the latest news and information from these highest ranking blogs and websites in their niche. Search for a topic by typing in your keyword and you get the headlines of the most recent articles and news from websites and blogs. For example, search for “social media” and you get that day’s post on Mashable and TechCrunch.

It will probably be difficult to get into these big players’ websites and many of them may not even accept guest posts. But for those that do, try anyway, if you think what you’re offering is quality content.


  1. Guest blogging is a good opportunity to showcase your talent. Although we allow upcoming health and education writers to post on our blog(s), most companies do not. As you stated, too many people try to insert spammy information into their posts, and that is annoying.

  2. Hi Zaria,

    It’s good to know that you allow guest blogs. I agree this medium has been abused by spammers but it doesn’t hold true for all and we should be open to posts that are informative and of value to the readers.

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