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The Meticulous Writer’s List of Grammar and Punctuation Tools


Some of the most scrupulous people are writers who want nothing more than to polish their work to perfection. For them, being able to submit an article or a story grammar and spelling error-free is critical. These grammatical and spelling mistakes can certainly be avoided with proper proofreading, done multiple times. However, there are tools available for our perusal to help check whether what you have written is good to go, or needs a little more work.

Here are the best grammar and punctuation checker tools every writer should have on their tool belt.

Grammarly Grammar Checker


Grammarly is probably the most popular and one of the best tools for checking grammar and spelling errors, and its ability to detect over 250 errors means that your work gets the complete proofreading treatment. It generally takes Grammarly a few minutes to correct all the grammar mistakes it can detect, but it depends on the length of your work. Grammarly also offers vocabulary enhancement to help you create an impact with what you have written and to improve its readability.

If that is not enough, Grammarly can also check your content for plagiarism. This is perfect for bloggers and article writers who might have unconsciously quoted from other works and did not make the necessary citations, or have duplicated their own content.

Grammarly is available in both free and paid versions, but the best part is that you can install Grammarly as a Chrome Extension or install it as a plug-in on MS Word. This way, you would not need to go online every now and then to get your work checked for errors.

After the Deadline


After the Deadline is developed by Automattic, the company who created the WordPress blogging platform. The tool makes use of colour codes to help you better ascertain what kind of errors your work mostly has. Grammar errors are underlined in green, and spelling errors are underlined in red, After the Deadline also offers style suggestions, perusing your writing style and suggesting various ways in which it can be improved; corrections for these are underlined in blue. Suggestions to correct each error will appear once you have clicked on the underlined word or phrase.

Another perk in using After the Deadline is it checks the consistency of your voice throughout your work. Certain articles unconsciously shift from active voice to passive voice, or vice versa. This is perfect for bloggers who need to make sure that their published article are on the active voice.

After the Deadline is offered as an add-on, plugin, and extension for various platforms.

Paper Rater


You would not need to download any kind of software to use Paper Rater. It is an online spelling, grammar, and proofreading tool that is completely free of cost.

Other than check for spelling and grammatical errors, Paper Rater checks the voice that you have used for your work, which is not just helpful if you are a blogger, but also if you are writing a manuscript, a research paper, or a speech.

It also features a punctuation checker, not just to make sure that you have used the proper punctuation mark in certain places of your work, but also automatically detects places where punctuation is needed. Paper Rater can also run your work to over 10 billion documents in their server to check if it contains elements of plagiarism.


GrammarCheck is probably one of the best online tools available. It allows you to write your content directly in the editor as it offers a distraction-free writing space. Not only can it detect all the errors that you have made, but if you use the editor directly, it can prompt the errors as you are writing. You may also choose to upload a complete document to be checked for errors.

It also features text formatting where you can write blog articles, resumes, academic papers and legal letters with all the necessary formatting available for you at GrammarCheck as a guide.



Not only can Ginger check spelling, grammar and punctuation, it also has word prediction that suggests what word you are typing next. It can also quickly translate your work, just choose between 40 different languages available in its server.

Sometimes writers tend to write out their train of thought, and it may not be as understandable as they think. So Ginger offers a sentence rephrasing feature where your sentences can either adapt to proper written language, or if you want to retain a more informal and oral language.

Ginger Grammar Checker can be downloaded as a software and installed on your personal computer. Downloading is best if you are proofreading work that is very lengthy.

Language Tool

language tool

Language Tool is an open source proofreading software. It can proofread your article in over 20 languages, but the best part about LanguageTool is programmers can access their source code and enable them to create a custom grammar tool that can cater to their native language.

LanguageTool can be downloaded as a grammar check software or as a FireFox extension.


GramMark is another open source proofreading software by allowing people to improve its algorithms in identifying errors and improving its sentence analysis by adding grammar rules that incorporated in the tool.

It can do basic error detection like highlighting grammar and spelling errors and suggesting corrections, but it cannot necessarily improve content. However, this is still a good tool for essay and article writers as it still features active voice suggestions, finds alternatives to words you might need to replace, provides a sentence variety score, and helps with the organization and transition of ideas.

Online Correction

 text correctioin

Online Correction is a simple grammar and spelling checker that can offer suggestions for every mistake it has detected. If a sentence has two or more suggestions to correct it, you can choose which one is appropriate for your work. The website itself only supports English, but they have provided links where people who speak French, Spanish, or Italian can be redirected to a site where their language is supported.

The tool follows a colour code where grammar errors are marked green, and spelling errors are marked red.

spellcheck 24

One of the best things about SpellCheck24 is its contextual spell checking where some words that are probably not considered right by standard writing rules will not be considered errors, for instance, the word mobilegeddon.

The tool analysis the readability and the word density of your work, and suggests ways in which you can improve its style quality. It can support over 10 languages, all you need to do is choose the language your work is written, and SpellCheck24 will do the rest.

You will be able to download the corrected document in a PDF format, save and load it from a Cloud, or instantly print it.

It is natural to make mistakes, more so if you are writing multiple articles a day. Consider trying these tools out and get all the help that you need to make sure your work is polished. Happy writing!

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