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Blogging Jobs – January 25, 2016

Want to know the secret for financial success as a writer? Take on multiple jobs at once. This is what part-time positions are for. If you know how to be flexible and manage your time properly, you can always find additional opportunities to supplement your income, grow your network, and push your freelance writing career further.

Oh and by the way — did we tell you that we still have a lot of remote-working positions in today’s list? Enjoy!


  1. Blogger for popular deals website (Remote)
  2. Blogger at Broward County Law Firm (Remote)
  3. Music Blogger for local marketing partner (Remote)
  4. Social Media Blogger (Part Time)
  5. WordPress and Web Design Blogger at DesignBombs (Freelance)


  1. Copywriter at Navaera (Part Time)
  2. Copywriter at SyndicateBleu Creative Talent (Temporary)


  1. Writer/Editor at IAPWE (Remote)
  2. Editor for content ghostwriting firm (Remote)
  3. Copyeditor for e-commerce products (Part Time)
  4. Obituary Writer/Editor at DFS (Part Time)

Content Writing

  1. Journalist/Content Writer for tech company (Remote)
  2. Gaming Content Writer for Apple tvOS platform business (Remote)


  1. Social Media/Editorial Intern at BTR (Part Time)
  2. Writing Intern at Sun Group Wealth Partners (Remote/Paid)
  3. Writing Intern for agency work (Paid)
  4. Writing Intern for online advertising firm (Paid)
  5. Advertising/Writing Intern at OttawayDigital Communications (Part Time)


  1. Ghostwriter for online entertainment magazine (Temporary)
  2. Non-fiction Writer for public planning project (Part Time)
  3. Food & Dining Writer at Grubbed (Temporary)
  4. Co-writer for novel (Temporary)
  5. Scriptwriter at Sublime Media (Temporary)
  6. Freelance Writer for academic topics (Part Time)
  7. Technical Writer for manufacturing organization (Temporary)
  8. Entertainment Features Writer for entertainment company (Freelance)

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