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Blogging Jobs, August 11, 2015

entrepreneur-593372_640Good day!

As mentioned time and again here, bloggers are more than just writers. They need to learn how to engage with their audience by publishing irresistible content. Failure to do so will result to low visitor count and little interaction with readers in the comments section.

If you find yourself to be this kind of blogger, you need to shake off the blogging blues and follow the tips in this article at Pet Product News.

By finding out what ticks your audience, you will have a more productive blogging career. This also paves the way for more opportunities in the future.

Speaking of opportunities, you can seize some by applying for the writing and blogging jobs listed below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Blogger for ConversionXL (Freelance)
  2. Blog Post Writer for Student Loan Hero (Remote)
  3. Internet Marketing Guest Bloggers for Raegen Media (Freelance)


  1. Scalable Content Editor for Ranker (Full-Time)
  2. Senior Editor, Business Reports for Libraries, MIT Press, Tech Review (Full-Time)
  3. Marketing Copywriter (Freelance)
  4. Travel Content Editor for TripExpert (Part-Time, Contract)
  5. Marketing Copywriter for Antibex Software (Freelance)
  6. Copywriter for Healthcare Products Company (Freelance, $25-$35/hr)
  7. Copywriter for Trinity Renovation, Inc. (Freelance)
  8. Marketing Copy Writer for New Mindfulness Brand (Freelance)
  9. Managing Editor for UCSF (Full-Time)

Content writing

  1. Writer for Red Dirt Report (Freelance)
  2. Photography News Writer for Digital Trends (Freelance)
  3. Latino Celebrity News Writer for IBT Media (Freelance)
  4. Senior Content Writer and Editor for South Bay Real Estate Client (Full-Time, $100K – $120K per year)
  5. Writers with Knowledge of 3D Printing (Freelance)
  6. News Writer for Think Televisual (Full-Time)
  7. K-Pop News Writer for IBT Media (Freelance)
  8. Financial Writers for InvestorPlace Media (Freelance)


  1. Content Strategist for Skyword (Full-Time)
  2. Medical Writer for UnitedHealth Group  (Remote)
  3. Content Coordinator for Skyword (Full-Time)

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