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4 Tips to Attract More Clients to Your Blogging Services


If you’ve been spending time looking for clients for your blogging services, maybe it’s time to turn the tables by making them want to hire you for writing content on their blog. Below are simple yet effective ways on enticing them to take up your blogging services.

Create online portfolio

One of the best and simplest ways of attracting clients to your blogging services is by making it available for viewing online. This can be done by setting up a website using website builders (for non-designers) WordPress (for customization and flexibility), or websites specifically for journalists.

Your choice for a platform to your build your portfolio depends on the kind of look or feel you want to achieve. To make an informed decision on how you want to proceed with building your portfolio, it would help if you learn the pros and cons of different website and blogging platforms.

Feature all your written works in the website. Include the best and most recent articles and posts to get prospective clients a good idea of your writing skills. Scan the hard copy of your articles into PDF files that you can upload at sites like the ones featured here to share or embed on your online portfolio.

Build a blog


There ‘s no use in being a blogger if you’re not maintaining one. Extending from your online portfolio site, you can create a blog from there (depending on the platform you will be using).

When writing content for your blog, aside from churning out impeccably written blog posts, it would dramatically increase your chances of getting hired by clients if you focus on a specific topic or niche for your blog. By writing posts that zero in on your niche of choice, you not only get to display your writing chops, but also exert yourself as a subject matter expert at your topic of choice.

Another thing that you need to realize when building a blog is that it’s no longer just about writing - you also need to learn the best practices of setting up your blog. For instance, you may need to include social sharing buttons on each post to make it easier for readers to share the post on Facebook and Twitter if they find the article helpful.

Another important thing before setting up your blog is to build an email list. Creating an email signup form to entice visitors to become subscribers. This way, you can build a readership, some of whom may become your client one day.

For more tips and advice on how to make the most out of your blog, follow the tips featured here.

Promote your services

There are two ways on how to proceed with this. The first is through social media. Use Twitter to spread the word about your latest post. One of the more technical ways of doing this is by searching for the target keyword of your post and finding people looking for information about your post. From here, you can either share them a post in your blog that answers their question or you can offer your writing services.

Join the most relevant online groups at Google Communities, Facebook Groups, and LinkedIn Groups and engage with the members there before promoting your posts there. These groups are also a great way to find colleagues looking for help with writing content for their sites and blogs.

Another way to do this is by implementing the best SEO practices in your blog and online portfolio. Conduct a keyword research to find the most appropriate keywords for each of your blog posts. Aside from observing the best on-page optimization practices, you may need to conduct link building campaigns to increase your blog rankings in search results.

The reason for doing both is to drive more traffic to your blog. By doing so, you get more eyeballs to your blog and increase the chances of getting shared on social media and other channels. Soon enough, potential clients may visit your blog or site and contact you for your services.

Write posts on other blogs

While guest blogging has been blacklisted as a link building tactic, it is nonetheless a very powerful to build relationships with influencers and popular bloggers. Also, this allows you to build your portfolio by writing on premium sites that accommodate guest blogging. Include the links to your newly published posts to your portfolio to keep it fresh and updated.

The great thing with guest blogging is the byline they provide you at the end of your posts. Again, backlinks in guest blogging are frowned upon, but if the blog owners allows you a link to your sites or choice, it is only logical to link back to your portfolio site to let readers know that you’re a freelance blogger who is willing to accommodate clients.

Final thoughts: Making the most out of your freelance blogging career means doing whatever it takes to get people to take notice of your blogging services. While following the tips and advice featured above will drastically increase your chances of landing more clients, these will also help refine your already excellent blogging skills. Once you have acquired these skills, you can then apply these to your clients to help them achieve their online goals.

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