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Blogging Jobs – September 6, 2016

Juggling multiple projects at once? Remember that not only can you overwork your mind, you will also strain your body. Give yourself a rest every once in a while. Go for a stretch, a long walk, or anything that will help you rest your eyes and relax.


  1. Blogger at (Remote)
  2. Freelance Daily News Writer/Blogger at Investopedia (Temporary)
  3. Blogger at BlogNation (Freelance)
  4. Blogger at Organized Mom (Remote)
  5. Guest Blogger at NetCom Learning (Full Time)


  1. Marketing Senior Copywriter at RPC (Temporary)
  2. Freelance at Oberlo (Freelance)
  3. Direct Response Copywriter for professional services (Remote)


  1. Technical Writer/Editor (Part Time)
  2. Freelance Medical Editor at Precision for Value (Remote)

Content Writing

  1. Creative Content Writer at (Remote)
  2. Content Writer for software company (Part Time)
  3. Content Writer at The Content King (Freelance)
  4. Content Writing Intern at OneAvenue Inc. (Remote)
  5. HR Content Writer at Chairlift (Part Time)
  6. Web Content Writer at Puredia (Temporary)


  1. Writing Intern at The Gospel Herald (Part Time/Remote)
  2. Editorial Intern at Dapper Dads Inc (Remote)
  3. Art and Editorial Intern at Tikkun Magazine (Temporary)
  4. Editorial Intern at VINA (Part Time)


  1. News/Entertainment Writer at DMGM (Freelance)
  2. Senior Proposal Writer at UnitedHealthcare (Remote)
  3. News Writer at Uloop News (Remote)
  4. Freelance Item Writer at Northeast Editing, Inc. (Freelance)
  5. Allscripts Report Writer at The NICEHR Group (Remote)


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MJ is a Mass Communication graduate, freelance content specialist, and full-time community manager at She is a dog lover, Potterhead, gamer, and self-proclaimed chef of Asian cuisines.