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Blogging Jobs, September 28, 2015

As a blogger, one of your primary goals is probably to make a connection with your reader. Hopefully the connection is so strong, the reader is compelled to share your blog. There’s a lot of competition, and not only from bloggers with the same beat as you. There are a lot of blogs out there competing for eyeballs and you need to make sure you aren’t inadvertently making your readers click away.

From bad images to lazy writing, Business 2 Community has put together a list of mistakes that drive readers away. Do you have any others to add to the list?

Here’s your Monday job list – good luck!



  1. Blog Contributor at Sonicbids (Remote)


  1. Copywriter for an ad agency (Temporary)
  2. Fashion Copywriter for a fashion and lifestyle company (Freelance)


  1. Features Editor at Metro Media (Full Time)
  2. Legal Editor at Internet Brands (Full Time)
  3. B2B Editor at von Rabenau Media (Full Time)
  4. Math and Engineering Content Editor at Professional Publications, Inc (Full Time)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer for a digital marketing agency (Full Time)
  2. Website/Social Media Content Writer for a start-up (Full Time, Temporary)
  3. Web Content Writer, Jr at (Full Time)
  4. Digital Content Writer at FortuneBuilders (Full Time)
  5. Content Writer for a salon


  1. Editorial Intern/Contributor at


  1. IT Security Writer (Remote)
  2. Grant Writer at Camp Taylor (Contract)
  3. Reporter at Fly Magazine (Part Time)
  4. Food Writer at BreakThru Radio (Full Time)
  5. Writer at Webdesigner Depot (Remote)
  6. Jr. Technical Writer at VSlovit (Full Time)
  7. Entertainment Writer at Good Times Magazine (Part Time)
  8. Web and Social Media Writer for an online retailer (Freelance)
  9. Product Description Writer at Forever 21 (Temporary)
  10. Running Writer (Remote)
  11. Techradar Writer at Future US (Remote)
  12. Writer at the Western National Park Association (Full Time)
  13. Forex Writer (Remote)


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