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Blogging Jobs, September 1, 2015

Happy September! Autumn always instills in me ‘back to school’ excitement, even though I haven’t been back to school for more years than I care to remember. Now, I’m always motivated to do something fresh or revisit a project that may need some TLC to get it going again.

If you are looking to give your blogging ambitions a kick this fall, read this inspiring article written by a former corporate manager who left her job to blog successfully fulltime. If you’ve now been motivated, here are four tips from on blogging as a business.

And don’t forget to apply for one of the following jobs – it’ll help get your month off to a successful start. Good luck!



  1. Writers/Bloggers/Journalists at


  1. Interactive Copywriter at Axiom Technology Group (Full Time)
  2. Copywriter for a pharmaceutical company (Full Time)
  3. Copywriter (Part Time, Temporary)
  4. Copy Editor for a financial news group (Full Time, Temporary, $17-22/hr)
  5. Copywriter at The Honest Company (Full Time)
  6. Copywriter at Foster Web Marketing (Freelance, Remote, pay per piece)
  7. Copywriter/Content Developer at Century Business Solutions (Full Time)


  1. Editor-in-Chief at (Full Time, $30-50k/yr)
  2. Assistant Editor at Springer Science+Business Media (Full Time)

Content Writing

  1. Senior Content Writer at Lamps Plus (Full Time)
  2. Content Writer for a healthcare company (Full Time)
  3. Content Marketing Writer at (Remote, Part Time)
  4. Web Content Specialist at Centerstone (Full Time)
  5. Copy/Content Writer at (Part Time, Telecommute)


  1. Custom Content at CFO Publishing
  2. Contributing Writer at


  1. Part Time Freelance Writer at SR Education Group (Remote, 5 cents/word)
  2. Financial Writers at InvestorPlace Media (Freelance, $60/piece)
  3. News Writer at Clubhouse Children’s Network (Full Time)
  4. Curriculum Writer (Freelance, Temporary, $16/hr)
  5. Project Management Lesson Writer at (Part Time, Remote)
  6. Technical Writer at Pinterest (Contract)


Blogging news: The Atlantic is Returning to Blogging