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Blogging Jobs – October 7, 2016

Time to write for a living! Choose from one of today’s writing job opportunities to kickstart a long and wonderful career. Don’t forget to check the Job Board for more!


  1. Food/Agriculture Blogger (Remote)
  2. Cyber Security Blogger at Pwnie Express (Remote)
  3. Blogger at Coaching With Andrea (Part Time)
  4. Life Insurance Blogger at Colby Direct (Remote)
  5. Blogger at InvitedNYC (Part Time)
  6. Technical WordPress Blogger at WPBloggersHunt (Remote)


  1. Copywriter at (Part Time)
  2. Copywriter at BAYADA Home Health Care (Freelance/Remote)
  3. Copywriter at Razorfish (Freelance)


  1. French Editor/Proofreader (Remote)
  2. Editor at Harrisco (Remote)
  3. Writer/Editor at Minted (Freelance)
  4. Freelance Manuscript Editor at The Cognella Academic Publishing (Remote)
  5. Writer/Editor at IAPWE (Remote)

Content Writing

  1. Feature Writer at AmericanTowns Media (Remote)
  2. Freelance Content Writer for beauty brand (Remote)
  3. Pop Culture Content Writer for tech startup (Remote/Part Time)


  1. Social Media/Editorial Intern at The Child Welfare League of America (Part Time)
  2. Social Media Intern at (Remote)
  3. Editorial Intern at POPSUGAR (Paid)


  1. Technical Writer for public interest group (Remote)
  2. Mechanic Writer at (Remote)
  3. Freelance Writer at (Remote)
  4. Email Writer at Virtual Dating Assistants (Remote)
  5. Resume Writer at StandOut Resumes (Remote)
  6. Book Ghostwriter for entrepreneur (Part Time)


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Romeo works as a freelance writer, content manager at GoSMRK, and community manager at BloggerJobs.Biz. He started freelancing at age 20; working in the shadows as a ghostwriter in many niches such as digital marketing, health, self-help, and religion. But now, you can see his face. Say Hi!