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Blogging Jobs, October 23, 2015

Do you have plans for the weekend? Whether you will be working or relaxing, enjoy! Good luck with our final job list for the week!



  1. Hunting Blogger at OutdoorHill (Remote)
  2. IT Industry/Enterprise Technology Blogger at Vology (Remote)
  3. Family Blogger at VarageSale (Remote)
  4. Biotechnology Blogger (Remote)


  1. Digital Copywriter at Denny Mountain Media (Full Time)
  2. Copywriter-Radio (Freelance)
  3. Marketing Copywriter at (Full Time)


  1. Editor at Rodman Media (Full Time)
  2. Digital Content Editor at San Antonio Current (Full Time)
  3. Editorial Assistant/Newsletter Editor at Item Media (Full Time)
  4. Editor at Cedar Fort Books (Full Time)

Content Writing

  1. Content Marketing Writer at Bitdefender (Full Time)
  2. Marketing Content Writer at Inductive Automation (Full Time)
  3. Digital Content Writer at Woodstream Corp (Full Time)


  1. Fashion Intern at Cosmopolitan/Seventeen Magazine
  2. Editorial Intern at Martha Stewart Living & Martha Stewart Weddings


  1. Sports Correspondent at The News Graphic (Part Time)
  2. Writer at Slant (Freelance)
  3. Sex Writer/Editor at (Temporary)
  4. Television and Science Writers at Inverse (Freelance)
  5. Technical Writer at Jasper Display Corp (Contract)
  6. Marketing Writer (Part Time, Remote)
  7. Writer for a psychology website (Remote)
  8. SEO Writer at PlayaMedia (Part Time, Remote)
  9. Magazine Writer at Advocate Media (Full Time)