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Blogging Jobs, October 22, 2015

Do you freelance full time, or are you more of a moonlighter? Maybe you chose to go independent, maybe you didn’t have a choice, or maybe you are striving for a freelance career. Freelancing is becoming more the norm the world over, due to people who are looking for more control over their work life, and businesses who need people with specialized skills or for short term projects. This article looks more at the new reality of the freelance world.

Good luck with today’s jobs and your freelance dreams!



  1. Science/Nutrition/Health Blogger (Remote)
  2. Content Blogger at R+L Carriers (Full Time)
  3. Internet Marketing Blogger at SG Passive Income (Remote)
  4. WordPress Blogger at (Remote)
  5. Blogger for a psychology orientated website (Remote)
  6. Blogger at The Urban Twist (Remote)


  1. Digital Copywriter for an automotive company (Freelance, Contract)
  2. Copywriter at Etna Interactive (Full Time)
  3. Marketing Copywriter for a cosmetics company (Freelance)
  4. Copywriter at Planet Media Communications (Freelance)


  1. Web Content Editor at Einstein Medical (Full Time)
  2. Real Estate Legal Editor (Part Time, Temporary)
  3. Online Content Editor at Slack Incorporated (Full Time)

Content Writing

  1. Social Media Content Writer at (Full Time)
  2. Content Writer at PxP Media (Full Time)
  3. Content Writer at Armando Montelongo (Full Time)


  1. Editorial Intern at Eat This, Not That (Paid)


  1. Writer for an internet publishing startup (Full Time)
  2. Writer at Duke University Health System (Part Time)
  3. Finance Technical Writer (Temporary, Freelance)
  4. Associate Recipe Writer at Blue Apron (Full Time)
  5. Editor/Writer for an international research organization (Freelance)
  6. Weekend News Writer at Complex Pop Culture (Part Time, Freelance)
  7. Technical Writer for the pharmaceutical industry (Contract)
  8. Marketing/SEO Writer for a search engine/social media marketing company (Part Time, Remote)