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Blogging Jobs, October 19, 2015

You love your blog. While you may write it purely for pleasure, you can make your blog profitable. You have an expertise that you willingly share with others, and people are interested in reading about. Why not make a tutorial available for purchase via your blog? Your blog is a platform that allows you to share the knowledge you have with an info-hungry public.

A little something for your to-do list this week!



  1. Business & Marketing Blogger at Multiple Authority (Remote)
  2. Tech & Real Estate Blogger at iHouseweb (Remote)
  3. Home/Lifestyle Blogger at Sagegreenlife (Remote)
  4. Blogger for an entertainment blog (Full Time)


  1. Copywriter at Newsday Media Group (Full Time)
  2. Marketing Copywriter (Freelance)
  3. Medical Marketing Copywriter (Part Time, Remote)
  4. Copywriter for an eCommerce eyewear company (Freelance)
  5. Copywriter at Fisch Solutions (Part Time, Remote)


  1. Managing Editor at News Deeply (Remote)
  2. Managing Editor at RevZilla (Full Time)
  3. Senior Editor at Kiwi Magazine (Full Time)
  4. Assistant Editor at Phoenix Home & Garden (Full Time)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at the Wisconsin School of Business (Full Time)
  2. Web Content Writer (Part Time, Remote)


  1. Editorial Intern at U.S. News & World Report
  2. Editorial Intern at (Paid)


  1. Staff Writer at Mommy Poppins (Freelance, Part Time)
  2. Writer at ParentMap (Freelance)
  3. Writer for a sustainability non-profit (Remote)
  4. Teen Writer for a celebrity news service (Full Time)
  5. Business & Tech Writer at Intersection Capital (Contract)
  6. Writer at (Remote)
  7. Writer/Editor at Moravia (Freelance)
  8. Tech Writer (Full Time)


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