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Blogging Jobs – October 12, 2016

Don’t shy away from internships! Sometimes, it is your ticket to a long and fruitful writing career – as long as you can impress your employers! Also, plenty of internships are paid and remote. So not only can you get your foot in the door of a great company, you can also earn money on the side.


  1. Blogger for legal website (Remote)
  2. Web Development Blogger at Web Dev Tuts (Remote)
  3. Legal Blogger at Nadrich & Cohen, LLP (Full Time)
  4. Indian Food Blogger (Remote)
  5. Blog Content Specialist at Alt Creative (Remote)
  6. Health Blogger at On The Road to Fit (Part Time/Remote)
  7. Lifestyle Blogger at Rebel Circus (Full Time)
  8. Blog Content Writer at WorkZone (Remote)


  1. Legal Copywriter for law firm marketing company (Part Time/Temporary)
  2. Freelance Copywriter (Temporary)
  3. Copywriter for ad agency (Temporary)


  1. Assistant Research Editor for B2B media company (Part Time)
  2. Editor for spoken audio company (Temporary)
  3. Editor for catholic book (Part Time)
  4. Editor/Proofreader at Paul M. Garton, Inc. (Remote)
  5. Editor at King Professional Communications (Remote)

Content Writing

  1. Freelance Content Writer at Passive Solutions (Remote)
  2. Health Content Writer for care provider website (Freelance)
  3. Content Writer for website development agency (Part Time)


  1. Reporting and Editing Intern at YES! Magazine (Part Time)
  2. Editorial Intern at All That Is Interesting (Paid)
  3. Social Media Content Management Intern at PxP Media (Part Time)


  1. Editorial Researcher for educational publisher (Remote)
  2. Freelance Writer for food and urban farming publication (Remote)
  3. Spirituality Writing Coach (Part Time)
  4. Grant Writer (Part Time)
  5. Communications Associate/Writer for media/tech startup (Temporary)


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