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Blogging Jobs – October 11, 2016

Blogging, copywriting, programming, architecture – these professions require creativity on top of mastering a specific craft. As a writer, you need to know how to weave together words to enlighten your readers’ minds. If you think you got what it takes, then take the next step by claiming one of the writing jobs below!


  1. Business Blogger (Part Time)
  2. Content Writer/Blogger for mid-sized law firm (Full Time)
  3. Ecommerce Blogger at FreeeUp (Remote)
  4. Travel/Lifestyle Blogger at CityUnscripted (Full Time)


  1. Freelance Copywriter for boutique interactive agency (Temporary)
  2. Copywriter at SCAFCO Steel Stud Company (Freelance)
  3. Freelance Copywriter for advertising agency (Temporary)
  4. Freelance Copywriter for boulder-based tech company (Part Time)


  1. Writer/Editor at Patexia (Remote)
  2. Translator/Copy Editor (Temporary)
  3. Writer/Editor for photography news service (Part Time)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at Siege Media (Remote)
  2. Copywriter at (Remote)
  3. Article Writer at (Remote)
  4. Freelance Content Writer for reputation management company (Remote)


  1. Content Writing Intern (Paid/Part Time)
  2. Editorial Intern at Rockstone Media Group (Part Time)
  3. Creative Writing Intern at ChicExecs PR (Part Time)


  1. Inspired Journalist for communication firm (Remote)
  2. Lifestyle Freelance Writer at A Conscious Rethink(Remote)
  3. Technical Writer at Writer’s Career (Remote)
  4. Writer/Social Media Strategist at Erreco Strategies (Remote)
  5. Blog Comment Writer (Temporary/Remote)
  6. Fact Checker/Research Assistant for digital media startup (Part Time)
  7. English Writing Consultant for PhD Student (Part Time/Remote)


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