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Blogging Jobs – November 30, 2016

Welcome back to BloggerJobs.Biz! Had a great thanksgiving? Pick up where you started with today’s writing jobs list!


  1. In-House Blogger (Part Time)
  2. Blogger at Main Street ROI (Remote)
  3. Web & Social Media Blogger (Part Time)
  4. Skilled Blogger at Buzzlead (Remote)
  5. Blogger at BNFAW Media (Part Time)
  6. Blogger at Here Pup (Remote)


  1. Advertising Copywriter (Freelance)
  2. Fashion Ecommerce Copywriter (Remote)
  3. Facebook Ads Copywriter (Remote)
  4. QA Specialist/Proofreader (Temporary)


  1. Scientific Editor at Harrisco (Remote)
  2. Copy Editor at SOPHIA (Remote)
  3. Proofreader for global financial firm (Temporary/Part Time)

Content Writing

  1. PCB Content Writer for B2B marketing firm (Remote)
  2. iOS 10 Content Writer (Temporary)
  3. Content Writer (Part Time)
  4. Web Content Specialist at Interwebing, LLC (Part Time)
  5. Content Coordinator at (Part Time)


  1. Marketing Editorial Intern at Elegran (Paid)
  2. Writer/Editorial Intern at QC Exclusive (Part Time)
  3. Editorial Intern at Engaged Media, Inc. (Paid/Part Time)
  4. Writing Intern for women’s website (Part Time)


  1. Freelance Writer at (Temporary)
  2. Proposal Writer (Part Time)
  3. Addiction Recovery Writer at IB Publishing (Temporary)
  4. Freelance Writer at TheSportster (Temporary)
  5. Storytelling Interviewer (Remote)


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Romeo works as a freelance writer, content manager at GoSMRK, and community manager at BloggerJobs.Biz. He started freelancing at age 20; working in the shadows as a ghostwriter in many niches such as digital marketing, health, self-help, and religion. But now, you can see his face. Say Hi!