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Blogging Jobs, November 30, 2015

Yikes – November is over! Hope your month was productive and you are ready to take on December! Good luck with today’s jobs list!



  1. Blog Writer at (Full Time)
  2. Blogger at Vibe Wines (Remote)
  3. Personal Blogger at (Remote)
  4. WordPress Blogger at WordCandy (Remote)
  5. Risk Management Blogger (Remote)
  6. Insurance Blogger for a risk management firm (Remote)
  7. Canadian Real Estate & Mortgage Blogger (Remote)


  1. Ad Copywriter for an advertising agency (Full Time)
  2. Copywriter for a cosmetics brand (Freelance)
  3. Pharma Copywriter at Unified Oncology (Full Time)
  4. Copywriter for a beauty brand (Freelance)
  5. Technical Copywriter at York & Chapel (Freelance)


  1. Managing Editor at The AIM Group (Remote)
  2. Cities Editor at Thrillist Media Group (Full Time)
  3. Associate Medical Editor at Ridgewood Medical Media (Full Time)
  4. Editorial/Publishing Assistant at Foundr Magazine (Part Time)
  5. Managing Editor at South Bay Accent (Freelance)

Content Writing

  1. Branded Content Editor for a hair care platform (Full Time)
  2. Content Writer at HealthyPets (Full Time)


  1. News Intern at In Touch (Paid)
  2. Writer at Peaceful Dumpling


  1. Women’s Holistic Living Writer at Poppy and Seed (Remote)
  2. Artificial Intelligence/Neurotech Writer at TechEmergence (Part Time)
  3. Technical Writer at GainSpan (Temporary)
  4. Writer at The Print Gallery (Remote)
  5. Business Writer for a consulting firm (Part Time)