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Blogging Jobs, November 25, 2015

Do you have a newsletter associated with your blog? If so, how is your subscriber list? If not, maybe that should be a 2016 blog goal for you. Newsletters and email lists are rapidly gaining importance as a vital part of any content marketing strategy. Sharing your email address with someone is a leap of faith. People who take that leap with you care and are interested in what you are writing about. Creating a compelling newsletter rewards them for their interest.

Good luck with today’s jobs list.




  1. Corporate Law Blogger for a law blog (Remote)


  1. Senior Copywriter at AvreaFoster (Full Time)
  2. Ecommerce Copywriter for a children’s clothing company (Full Time)
  3. Senior Copywriter at Nitro (Full Time)


  1. Editor at the Review-Independent (Full Time)
  2. Editor at Smartbrief (Remote)
  3. Deputy Managing Editor at Syria Deeply (Remote)
  4. Editorial Team Member at Shelterforce Magazine (Full Time)
  5. Managing Editor, Digital Communications at the University of California, San Francisco (Full Time)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at Etech360 (Remote)
  2. Content Writer at (Full Time)
  3. Content Writer for an advertising company (Part Time)
  4. Content Writer for a digital services company (Full Time)


  1. Editorial Intern at The National Memo


  1. Medical Advice Book Ghostwriter (Remote)
  2. Technical Writer in the power sports industry (Full Time)
  3. Writer at SheKnows Media (Remote)
  4. Interview Specialist/Resume Writer (Remote)
  5. Writer/Editor at Dexis Consulting Group
  6. Staff Writer for an entertainment brand (Full Time)
  7. Maryland Writer at (Freelance)
  8. Grant Writer at Mil Mujeres (Part Time)
  9. Writer/Editor at Smart Cities Council (Part Time)
  10. Academic Writer at Uvocorp (Remote)
  11. Real Estate Writer at Keller Williams (Freelance)