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Blogging Jobs, November 24, 2015

With a look ahead to 2016, we talked yesterday about looking at your blog as a business. If you want your blog to make money, you’ve got to think like a business owner, not just a blog writer.

A trend that is bound to continue into 2016 is marketing your own products. For years, many bloggers used ads or affiliate links in their posts as revenue generators. Now, savvy bloggers are creating their own products to promote and sell. What can you create to help monetize your blog?



  1. Sports Blogger at WQAM Radio (Part Time)
  2. Money Saving Tips Blogger at (Remote)
  3. Fintech Blogger at (Remote)
  4. Celebrity Blogger (Remote)
  5. Blog Writer for a school (Remote)


  1. Copywriter at Field Communications (Full Time)
  2. Copywriter for an agency (Freelance)


  1. Web Editor at MD Anderson Cancer Center (Full Time)
  2. Boston Regional Editor at Crain Communications (Freelance)
  3. Editorial Manager at (Full Time)
  4. Associate Editor at Ascentus (Full Time)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at Canva (Remote)
  2. Digital Content Writer at The Vitamin Shoppe (Full Time)
  3. Content Writer at Audience Ops (Remote)
  4. Content Creator at National Association of Expert Advisors (Full Time)
  5. Content Producer at Apple University (Full Time)


  1. Features Intern at Cosmopolitan
  2. Intern at


  1. Development Writer at National Audubon Society (Full Time)
  2. News Correspondent at the Exeter News-Letter (Freelance)
  3. Business & Instructional Writer (Freelance)
  4. Test Prep Writer at Cambridge Educational Services (Remote)
  5. Technical Writer at Konami Gaming (Full Time)
  6. Massachusetts Writer at (Freelance)
  7. Writer at Integrity Media Group (Full Time)