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Blogging Jobs – November 23, 2016

“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.”

The same can’t be said for job-hunting, though. The perfect opportunity is still out there. You just need more posts!


  1. Freelance Content Writer/Blogger (Remote)
  2. Blogger/Social Media Community Manager at (Full Time)
  3. Marketing Content Creator/Blogger at Liferay, Inc. (Full Time)


  1. Advertising Copywriter (Temporary/Freelance)
  2. Freelance Copywriter at Romy LMS (Remote)
  3. Senior Copywriter (Freelance)


  1. Editor with Ph.D. in English (Part Time)
  2. SF Newsletter Editor at (Remote)
  3. Financial Writer/Editor at The Simons Group (Freelance)
  4. College Essay Writer/Editor (Remote)
  5. Editor at Harrisco (Remote)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at CareerLift LLC (Remote)
  2. Technical Content Writer (Temporary)
  3. Content Writer at Websearch (Remote)
  4. Content Writer at CFN Media (Remote)


  1. Editorial Intern at College Candy (Remote)
  2. Journalism Intern (Remote/Paid)
  3. Editorial Intern at Render Media (Remote/Paid)
  4. Editorial Intern at COLLiDE (Part Time)
  5. Editorial Intern at (Paid)


  1. Freelance Writer at Blasting News, Inc. (Remote)
  2. Freelance Medical Writer at Vivial (Remote)
  3. Item Writer at Focus Education (Remote)
  4. Social Media Writer at FedWriters (Remote)
  5. Freelance Guides Writer at Digital Trends (Remote)


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Romeo works as a freelance writer, content manager at GoSMRK, and community manager at BloggerJobs.Biz. He started freelancing at age 20; working in the shadows as a ghostwriter in many niches such as digital marketing, health, self-help, and religion. But now, you can see his face. Say Hi!