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Blogging Jobs, November 20, 2015

Good morning and welcome to a new list of full time, part time, telecommute and freelance jobs! Whether you are looking for something in the copy, content or editorial sphere, we hope you find it here!

Good luck!



  1. Blogger at hr-haven, Inc (Full Time)
  2. Mother of Teens Blogger at RoadPoints (Remote)
  3. Personal Development Blogger (Remote)


  1. Copywriter for a game studio (Remote)
  2. Copywriter at Catholic Relief Services (Full Time)
  3. Copywriter (Part Time)


  1. Content Copy Editor at Khan Academy (Remote, Temporary)
  2. Editor at Fingerpaint Marketing (Full Time)
  3. Legal Copywriter for a digital agency (Remote)
  4. Book Editor at Rodale (Full Time)
  5. Editor at Transmosis (Freelance)
  6. Senior Editor at Sactown Magazine (Full Time)
  7. Associate Editor at StyleCaster (Temporary)
  8. Editorial Assistant at Panna Cooking (Freelance)

Content Writing

  1. eCommerce Web Content Writer at (Full Time)
  2. Content Creator at SumoMe (Freelance)
  3. Content Creator for an online writing and marketing business (Part Time)


  1. Editorial Intern at Artsy
  2. Web Intern at Dr. Oz The Good Life


  1. Brand Positioning Writer at Mary Kay (Full Time)
  2. Fashion/Lifestyle Contributors at Fashion United (Remote)
  3. Brand Journalist at NewsCred (Full Time)
  4. Tech Writer at (Full Time)
  5. Auto Car Description Writer at Drive With Pride (Full Time)
  6. Science Submissions at Undark Magazine (Remote)


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