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Blogging Jobs, November 19, 2015

Good morning! What exciting things are on your to-do list today? If find a new writing job is one of them, we are here to help! Good luck!



  1. Real Estate Blogger at Elika Associates (Part Time)


  1. Copywriter for a women’s health agency (Remote)
  2. Advertising Copywriter at The Local Palate (Full Time)
  3. Copywriter at TaylorMade Golf (Full Time)


  1. Copy Editor at (Remote)
  2. Editor at the Chronicle of Higher Education (Full Time)
  3. Senior Editor at The Nation Institute (Part Time)
  4. Associate Editor at Hour Media (Full Time)
  5. Copy Editor at Washington Post Express (Part Time)
  6. Pharmaceutical Science Editor at Cactus Communications (Remote)

Content Writing

  1. Content Producer at the San Francisco Ballet (Part Time)


  1. Entertainment & TV/Film Writer at Galo Magazine (Remote)
  2. Editorial Intern at Food Network Magazine


  1. Bay Area Adventure Writer at Bootprints (Freelance)
  2. Writer at (Remote)
  3. Technical Writer at the State of Michigan (Temporary)
  4. Technical Writer at Microsemi Corporation (Full Time)
  5. Content Curator & Copywriter at Road2College (Remote)
  6. Food & Drink Staff Writer at Thrillist (Full Time)
  7. News Writer at NTRSCTN (Remote)
  8. Writer at UNCG (Full Time)
  9. Writer (Freelance)
  10. Tweet Writer at Mission 4 Media (Part Time)
  11. Staff Writer at The Hustle (Full Time)
  12. TV Ratings Writer/Editor (Remote)