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Blogging Jobs, November 18, 2015

Good morning and welcome to your daily jobs list! Best of luck!



  1. Blogger for a higher education blog (Freelance)
  2. Blogger for a New York fashion blog (Freelance)
  3. Female Blogger at (Remote)


  1. Marketing Copywriter at Avant (Full Time)
  2. Copywriter for an outdoor products manufacturer (Full Time)
  3. Digital Copywriter for a professional association (Part Time, Temporary)
  4. Copywriter for a sports scouting company (Full Time)
  5. Digital Copywriter for a digital agency (Freelance)
  6. Copywriter (Freelance)


  1. Editor at the Dallas Morning News (Full Time)
  2. Travel & Weddings Editor at (Full Time)
  3. Copy Editor at Experian (Full Time)
  4. APA Book Editor (Freelance)

Content Writing

  1. IM Content Writer at P3 Projects (Remote)
  2. Content Writer at Arrow Electronics (Full Time)
  3. Content Writer at Monadnock Media (Full Time)
  4. Content Writer at TheLipTV (Part Time)


  1. Sports Writing Internship at
  2. Fashion Editor/Blogger Intern at Date My Wardrobe


  1. Parenting Writer at Lifehack (Remote)
  2. Technical Writer for a manufacturing company (Temporary)
  3. Writer at (Remote)
  4. Staff Writer at the Washington Post (Full Time)
  5. Writer at (Remote)
  6. Writer for a digital agency (Freelance)
  7. Music Writer at Merriam Music


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