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Blogging Jobs – November 15, 2016

Unlike full-time employees, freelancers have the ability to build their own brand. If you can keep a good track record, you’ll be able to attract bigger clients who can pay more for your talents. But first things first – you need to get more writing jobs if you want to move up the ladder.

Without further ado, here are the latest writing job opportunities that can get you started!


  1. Pet/Food Blogger at WL (Remote)
  2. Content Writer/Blogger for real estate brokerage website (Freelance)
  3. Blogger at Au Pair Foundation (Part Time)
  4. Blog/Wiki Writer at The Center for Nonprofit Learning (Remote)


  1. Senior Copywriter for education company (Freelance)
  2. Digital Copywriter at The Westmark Group (Part Time)
  3. Copywriter for consumer-focused advertising agency (Freelance)
  4. Freelance Copywriter/Proofreader at Razorfish (Part Time)


  1. Content Strategist and Editor at Hubstaff (Remote)
  2. Proofreader at Accelerated Innovators (Temporary)
  3. Writer/Editor at (Remote)
  4. Freelance Proofreader at Geotext Translations (Part Time)
  5. Proofreader for consumer goods agency (Temporary)

Content Writing

  1. Content Writer at The Currency Shop (Remote)
  2. Content Writer at Asahi Technologies (Remote)
  3. Real Estate Content Writer (Remote)


  1. Editorial Intern for real estate firm (Stipend)
  2. Copywriting Intern at BRUNNERWORKS (Paid)
  3. Marketing Copywriter Intern at Berkshire Hathaway Automotive (Part Time)


  1. Freelance Writer at Passive Solutions (Remote)
  2. Freelance Beauty Niche Writer (Remote)
  3. Editorial Assistant at Huckberry (Freelance)
  4. Resume Writer (Part Time)
  5. Freelance Writer at Motley Fool Canada (Freelance)
  6. Web Magazine Writer at Waremakers (Remote)


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