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Blogging Jobs, May 7, 2015

coffee-690054_640Good day!

Working as a freelance writing, you have the liberty to do your job anywhere. While some would enjoy working at the comforts of their own homes, other would take solace in writing in a café. The smell of roasted coffee and the relaxed ambiance may contribute to your being productive at your job.

However, just like any other unconventional working environment, there are things that will distract you away from work, cutting your train of thought and making you less efficient. This fun article at Huffington Post from a female freelancers details those very distractions.

Whether at home or in a café, you need to find a way to make yourself much more effective as a freelancer so you have accommodate more jobs and get more work done. For starters, check out this comprehensive list of productivity tools.

Try out the tools featured in the link to help you become a better freelancer.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Nutrition blog writer
  2. Tech Bloggers for RWN Ventures
  3. Language Learning Blogger for FluentU


  1. Digital Copywriter
  2. Contract Copywriter for Spartz
  3. Freelance Editor Positions: Southeast Asian Studies Expert for Edanz Group Ltd
  4. Offsite Copywriter – Press Releases (AP Style) for Creative Circle
  5. Physics Subject Matter Expert 

Content writing

  1. Freelance Writer/Reporter for Epic of the Day
  2. Content Writer for marketing agency (remote)
  3. Freelance writers for Radford News Journal (part-time, remote)
  4. Content Manager for TripBuzz (Remote)
  5. Freelance Sports Trivia Writer for AMI Entertainment Network (remote but must be US resident)
  6. Freelance Writer for Fine Lifestyles
  7. Freelance Story Designer for ROLLS ELEVATOR


  1. Freelance Resume Writer for Career Pro Resume Center
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA Support Specialist for U-Haul (remote)
  3. Social Media Editor/Producer for (in-house at New York, NY)
  4. Economics Editor & Writer for ENR (freelance)
  5. Resume Writer for Stewart, Cooper & Coon, Inc (remote)

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