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Blogging Jobs, May 6, 2015

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One of the skills that freelance writers and blogger will have to pick up along the way is copywriting. Unlike content writing and blogging that aim to engage and entertain readers, copywriting compel readers into performing your desired action. This requires choosing your words carefully to maximize the impact of your copy to your target audience.

If you feel the need to improve your copywriting skills, head on to this post at Writtent for excellent tips and advice on how to approach copywriting the right way.

But if you feel confident with your ability to craft magnetic and irresistible web copy, apply to the copywriting and blogging jobs featured below.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Writer/Blogger/Journalist for CareerAddict
  2. Ghost Blogger (remote)


  1. Freelance Senior Copywriter (must be in New York City, USA)
  2. Freelance Web Copywriter (part-time contract job in Manhattan)
  3. Copywriter (freelance) for Rip Media Group
  4. Part-time Editorial Assistant for Naples Illustrated (freelance)
  5. Freelance Editor for Technology Business Research (Remote)
  6. Freelance Copywriter for THE CREATIVE GROUP
  7. Copywriter for Mathys+Potestio (freelance)
  8. Freelance Senior Copywriters for healthcare advertising industry (must be in Summit, USA)
  9. Proofreader – FREELANCE  for Hiring (Mail Order Catalog) Company at Edison, NJ
  10. Editorial Project Manager for Forbes (remote)
  11. Healthcare Copywriter – OFFSITE

Content writing

  1. CONTENT FREELANCERS for Stylus Media Group
  3. Freelance PC Hardware & Software Reporter for Digital Trends
  4. Freelance Content Copywriter for SHREDZ® Supplements
  5. Freelance Writer for Community Papers of Western New York


  1. Technical Writer
  2. Freelance Script Writer for training videos for Aurora Picture
  3. Health & Wellness Social Journalist for The Better Foundation (remote)

Freelance writing tips of the day: Tips For Frustrated Freelance Writers by Gaby Dunn at Thought Catalog

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