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Blogging Jobs, May 21, 2015

news-760984_640Good day!

Staying on top of things is a habit that freelance writers should develop over time, if they haven’t yet. This is important because it can help boost your career to new heights even without you knowing it.

The story of Rebecca Faith Heyman is a textbook case (no pun intended, as you’ll find out later). She had no idea what to do after graduation but has a passion for book editing for the Amazon Kindle platform, which was still a developing niche around 2007 to 2009. Charging $0 for her first few feedback, Rebecca was able to build a career by eventually charging people for her services as a freelance editor.

Her desire for book editing has unexpectedly produced positive results in her professional career that was going nowhere at first.

If you have a passion for something, just stay on top of it. Who knows – you might break into an obscure niche that demands for your writing services.

As you find your big break, below are blogging jobs to apply for that could offer the same break, if not more.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Microsoft Blogger for Atlantec
  2. Nutrition Blogger for Jake
  3. Long-Term Blogger for PDR Web Solutions
  4. Entrepreneurship Blogger for EpicLaunch
  5. Interior Design Writer for Freshome
  6. Natural Living Writer for Natural Living Ideas
  7. Freelance Blog Producer for BookBub
  8. Daytrading and FX Bloggers for NoBrainerTrades
  9. Relationship Writer for
  10. Watch Blogger for Watchely
  11. Baby/Parenting Advice Writer for
  12. Blogger for Teeze Me
  13. Blogger for Uptime Houston


  1. Accounting Website Copywriter for Prosites (freelance)
  2. Writer, Copy Editor for ServiceNow (Contract)
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA COPYWRITER for Honest Tea (freelance)

Content writing

  1. Men’s Style and Lifestyle Writer for Combatant Gentlemen (freelance)
  2. Freelance Writers for CAFEMOM
  3. Small Business Writer for Fundera
  4. Freelance Writer for Valnet Inc. ($30/article)
  5. Freelance Writer for ($750/month, West Virginia residents only)
  6. Real Estate Writer
  7. French-speaking writer for Social5 (freelance, $16/hour or $250/month per project)
  8. Healthcare Career/Job Search Writer for JobMedic
  9. Writer for LoveToKnow (contract, $20-$70/article)
  10. Small Business Guide Writer for


  1. MANAGING EDITOR & COMMUNITY MANAGER for UChic (remote, 10-20 hour/week)
  2. Technical Writer (contract, $10/hour)
  3. Senior Living Communities Reviewer (remote, $8/review)
  4. Social Media / Twitter Scheduler for SDI (remote)
  5. WordPress How-to Video Blogger/Screencaster for DB Media

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