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Blogging Jobs, May 20, 2015

business-762538_640Good day!

Now that summer is on the horizon, it’s time for you to take a well-deserved vacation and enjoy the sun and sands of the beach. If that’s not your thing, then travel to different places and experience something new.

Traveling helps with making you creative and feel much more recharged. This is important for freelance writers who rely on their creative muscles to find new ways to express the same old thoughts in writing.

If traveling is not your cup of tea, then refer to these ways on how to maintain, if not amplify, your creativity. The most important thing here is that you should do something pleasurable that will also stimulate you for work at the same time.

While you’re looking for smart ways on how to spend your summer, below are blogging jobs that should apply for to help fund your vacation.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Freelance Writer for CloserIQ Blog
  2. IT Solutions and Data Security Blogger for Better Marketing
  3. Writer for Nutrition/Fitness Website (part-time, $50 per article, paid bi-monthly)
  4. Celebrity / Entertainment / Events Blogger with PR contacts for MN2S Talent Agency


  2. Freelance Copyeditor for Apex CoVantage (remote, $1.60/page)
  3. Copywriter for CREATIVE CIRCLE ($35-$45 / hour Freelance)

Content writing

  1. Writers and Editor for blogTO
  2. Freelance Writer at Definition Media
  3. Freelance Writer for attn:
  4. Freelance Contributor for Eater Nashville
  5. Travel Writer for Culture Magazine (contract)
  6. Freelance Writer – Auto & Auto Mechanics Expert for Demand Media
  7. Freelance reporters/writers for NYC-based internet news magazine


  1. Web Producer for KRQE News 13 (part-time, freelance)
  2. Technical Writer (Telecommute)
  3. Freelance Technical Documentation Writer for Medialets
  4. Data Entry Specialist / Editor for Technical Response Planning (part-time, contract)
  5. Freelance Reporter for The Center for Sustainable Journalism

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