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Blogging Jobs, May 19, 2015

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The stakes of being a freelance writer are raised when you’re supporting your family. There’s a need for you to sustain a monthly income despite working with clients who come in and out of your professional life.

This is what Jessica Hopper had to live with throughout her freelancing life. The only difference is her love and passion for being a rock critic has landed her a cushy job as senior editor at Pitchfork and editor-in-chief of The Pitchfork Review. In a feature about her at Fast Company, Jessica reveals her tips and advice on how to be successful both professionally and personally with your family.

If you happen to have the same drive as Jessica when it comes to freelance writing, apply to some of the blogging jobs below. Don’t just be successful for yourself, but also for your family.

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Blogging jobs

  1. Freelance Legal Writer for Gladiator Law Marketing ($40 per blog with ~550 words and $60 per web page with ~850 words)
  2. Paleo Writer for PrimalPaleo (min. of $50 per recipe style post w/ additional $5 per image used)
  3. Blogger with tons of SEO/Marketing experience for
  4. Content Writer for Health & Wellness Online Marketing Firm
  5. Software Development Blogger (remote, $50 per post/3 posts per week)
  6. Digital Blogger for Big Wave Digital ($15- $20 an article)


  1. Editor/Writer for Soon-to-Be-Launched Streaming Music Platform
  2. Sales Copywriter Writer for Express Writers (remote)
  3. Travel Copywriter
  4. Freelance Audiobook Proofreader/Editor for Tantor Media, Inc.

Content writing

  1. Guest Travel Writer for Diary Travel (remote, $15/article)
  2. Freelance Writers/Photographers ($100/300-400-word story/photoshoot, must be Detroit, MI local)
  3. Freelance Writers (Design + Fashion) for Hopes&Fear ($75-$250 per article)
  4. Writers for NewsCastic (must be Salt Lake City, UT local)
  5. Writers and part-time editor (Brooklyn, NY resident a plus, $75 for 500-600 words, $100 for 700-800 words)
  6. Freelance News Writer about Sneaker Culture for Complex Media
  7. Freelance Editors and Writers for Six Red Marbles
  8. Freelance Writer for Boating Times Chesapeake Bay ($100-125 per story)
  9. Freelance Writer for Boating Times Hudson Valley ($100-125 per story)


  1. Freelance Medical Writer (on-site work at Princeton, NJ, $45.00 to $50.00 per hour)
  2. Hyperbaric Technology Writer for GEIS Writers (contract remote)
  3. Freelance Junior Medical Writer ($22.00 to $26.00 per hour)

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