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Blogging Jobs, May 14, 2015

meditation-597092_640Good day!

One of the quality that help freelance writers and bloggers with their work is to have an opinion on everything. By clearly communicating your personal thoughts about the subject, you are able to connect with your readers more effectively, which will reflect in the quality of your writing.

If you need help on how to put your personality into your writing or blogging, join this course by Suzanne Moore. At the end of the course, you should be able to learn how to express yourself more confidently.

With that out of the way, on with the blogging jobs!

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Blogging jobs

  1. Education Writer / Blogger
  2. Home Robotics/Automation Writers for Venture 4th Media
  3. Content marketing writer for Buzzstarter
  4. Writers for
  5. Freelance Writer for 4 Walls, Inc.


  2. Freelance Copy Editor for Advantage Media Group
  3. Freelance Fashion Copywriter- Ecommerce for Le Box Blanc
  4. Website content manager and editor for Our Children LA (remote)

Content writing

  1. USA Immigration Visa writers for TN Visa Expert
  2. Freelance Writer for Connect Online Media (lives near Safety Harbor and/or Oldsmar, $10-90/article)
  3. Morning shifts freelance writers for SmartBrief
  4. Finance and Consulting Career Writers
  5. Short-term and freelance editor & writer for The Shambhala Sun Foundation
  6. Web Content Writer for Thumbtack ($20/hour)
  7. Contributor for
  8. Long Term Content Writer for Firegang Dental Marketing
  9. Freelance Writer for Artivest
  10. Fashion Closet Assistant for Vogue Magazine (freelance/temp, $10/hour)


  1. News Writers for Viral
  2. Subject Matter Expert – Psychology for UniversityNow
  3. RESUME WRITING & EDITING for The Resume Centre (remote)
  4. Freelance Editor/Project Manager for PulsePoint

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